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How to Remove P2p-worm.win32.palevo completely

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P2p-worm.win32.palevo is a worm which is usually distributed by spam emails, p2p software, removable drive and share network. Just like most worm virus, it could reduplicate itself and infect more and more files. The worm could attach itself to malicious links. When you open a spam email and click on the link, your computer will be infected immediately. P2p-worm.win32.palevo could open back door via which other threats could access the compromised computer, so the computer will run slow. The best way to prevent such worm is not check emails from strangers. However, if your computer is infected, you could learn how to remove P2p-worm.win32.palevo completely here.

The Way You Can Use to Eliminate P2p-worm.win32.palevo
To kill P2p-worm.win32.palevo from the compromised computer, victims need to delete some files in the windows system folder and remove registry entries. It is recommended that you back up the registry before editing in case something unexpected happened at some point of time. Once a system is cleaned and is running smoothly, the back up containing the worm may be deleted.

1. End P2p-worm.win32.palevo processes


2. Delete following file


3. Delete related registry entries

Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “Winsock2 wqr1s”

Learning how to manual remove P2p-worm.win32.palevo virus can be quite taxing. To remove registry entries, one should be familiar with the Registry editor. If not, the safest and most effective way to secure a computer that has been infected by a worm is to use a good removal tool.

P2p-worm.win32.palevo Removal Software
When you do not know how to remove the worm manually and when your antivirus program can not remove the worm, you could try an effective removal program like Spyware Cease, which can remove P2p-worm.win32.palevo completely and quickly. A virus removal program is a common tool for any kind of infection. You could let the removal program scan the pc automatically. Maybe it will take some time, but when the scan finishes all infected files will be picked up and the removal job is half done. The last step is to click a remove button and all viruses including P2p-worm.win32.palevo will be removed.

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