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How to Remove Packed.Generic.400 quickly from Your PC

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on February 19th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Packed.Generic.400 is one of the latest computer viruses. It is a mini program that can be installed with some freeware and shareware even without asking for users’ approval. When users browse websites, they just click on malicious windows or ads popping up suddenly. This is a common way for most threats including Packed.Generic.400 to access a computer. Once installed, the virus modifies windows registry startup entries so that it can run without users’ acknowledgment. Victims can obviously feel the infected computer run slow and internet speed is unstable. Some websites associated with security programs will be blocked by the virus. To prevent removal, Packed.Generic.400 could kill process, delete files and corrupt programs. Most of the time, users can not know the existence of the virus until a security program detects it and displays warnings. You are luck if your antivirus program can effective stop the attack. But if the virus has infected your system, it is not that worse at least you have the Packed.Generic.400 removal guide here.

How to remove Packed.Generic.400 completely

Generally speaking, there are two ways to remove the virus. One is manual removal way and the other is to use a security program that can remove the virus automatically. Apparently, a security program is a common choice.

Packed.Generic.400 manual removal
To manually remove the virus, you need to find out all components of the virus including running processes, related files, folders, programs and registry entries. All those items should be removed completely. Any remained file can restore Packed.Generic.400 randomly.
1. Right-click taskbar and select task manager. Locate the related processes running without your acknowledgment and then kill them
2. Find out Packed.Generic.400 files and delete them. When you can not remove a file, you need to remove it from memory.
3. Run registry editor and remove associated registry entries
4. Restart computer

How to remove Packed.Generic.400 quickly?
Apparently, the above method will cost much time and do not guarantee a satisfying result. Moreover, it is dangerous to delete any legitimate files or registry entry mistakenly especially the sensitive windows registry. Here is a quick and safe way to get rid of Packed.Generic.400. That is to use a security program, which adopts advanced scan engine and can pick up malicious items. Security programs can detect the infected files more accurately. To fix Packed.Generic.400 redirection, you can download an advanced security program like Spyware Cease. It is used by many pc technicians and to cure severe infected computers.

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