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How to Remove Protectedsearch.com Browser Hijacker Virus

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on January 23rd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Protectedsearch.com containing a normal search engine is classified as suspicious domain. The site itself does not damage the computer, but it is considered as unwanted since it uses browser hijacker technique to gain traffic. Most of the time, users are redirected to Protectedsearch.com unexpectedly. Meanwhile, it is distributed by freeware and shareware, which may change your web browser settings such as homepage during installation. Browser redirection is likely to cause by toolbar, too. It is found that the search engine displays ads and some unrelated websites on the result. Based on the fact, the site is not a secured one and we recommend not to use it. If your web browser is redirected to Protectedsearch.com constantly, you need to clean up the infection from your computer.

How to remove Protectedsearch.com manually?
To remove the browser hijacker virus you need to locate all malicious files. Are you capable of finding out infected files and registry entries? The whole process is risky if you are not experienced enough. However, the most common way to wipe off redirect virus is to use an antivirus program.

Protectedsearch.com manual removal way
1. Clean cookies from browser
2. Uninstall malicious toolbar
3. Close your browser
4. Run Task Manager and stop malicious process
5. Run registry editor – find out related registry value – remove them

How to remove Protectedsearch.com effectively
Using a virus removal program is an effective way to deal with browser hijacker virus. Common antivirus software always fails to detect such kind of infection. We recommend you to use antispyware software which has better performance. An advanced antispyware program can easily detect Protectedsearch.com browser hijacker virus after a scan and then you can click remove button to clean up the computer.

If you do not have an antispyware program, we recommend Spyware Cease, which can detect and remove various infections effectively.

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