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How to Remove Search.autocompletepro.com Browser Hijacker Virus

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on November 1st, 2012 | Leave a comment

Search.autocompletepro.com is a malicious domain that uses drive-by-download technique to install malicious ad-on on the compromised computer. The add-on is designed to redirect the web browser to Search.autocompletepro.com, so it is also distributed via other ways such as bundled programs, p2p software, and spam email attachments. The website and the add-on are related to browser hijacker virus and cause redirection problem. The virus needs to be removed without delay. The main points of the reason are as the follows:

1. Search.autocompletepro.com takes up too much space away from the actual webpage space.
2. Search.autocompletepro.com not only clutter with your browser window, but may also slow your browser down.
3. Search.autocompletepro.com will take up memory, add several files and registry entries to your system, which considerably slows down your PC.

How to delete Search.autocompletepro.com from your computer

Actually, there is a manual way to remove Search.autocompletepro.com. The following tips are proven to be useful to eliminate Search.autocompletepro.com.
Search.autocompletepro.com processes to kill:

Remove Search.autocompletepro.com registry entries:

But sometimes it has been observed that this browser hijacker virus gets hidden in the system and can not be fully detected manually. Generally if you are a computer novice you should avoid manual steps as any single mistake can crash the system.

Easy way to remove Search.autocompletepro.com

Are you able to find the virus file on your computer? The browser hijacker can disguise itself as a legitimate file and it is hard for common users to find out the malicious one. With a professional virus removal program, we can find out the Search.autocompletepro.com virus and all related add-on easily. When you worry that you may delete a wrong file during manual removal, a virus removal program can help you. Software can detect and delete the infection more accurately than users themselves. If you do not know whether program can help you, you can try Spyware Cease. It is an antispyware program which is proved to be able to remove browser hijacker virus including Search.autocompletepro.com.

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