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How to Remove Search3o.com Browser Hijacker Virus

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on January 15th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Search3o.com containing a fake search system is classified as malicious domain associated with browser hijacker virus. Experts detect the domain is involved in some malicious activities when a user visit the site. One of the reasons why the site is considered suspicious is it gains traffic by redirection. If you use Search3o.com, you will notice the site can not provide real information besides suspicious sites and advertisement. The sites appearing in the first few pages pay back to the fake search system for the high rank. It is dangerous to be redirected to more other sites from the domain. Unknown programs or malicious codes may be installed automatically via redirection. Moreover, Search3o.com inserts malicious codes or install related toolbar on the browser to collect data like account name, passwords, search quire and so on. Learn the instruction below to fix the redirection.

How to remove Search3o.com completely
The redirect virus is good at hiding from detection of an antivirus program. Some antivirus programs can not detect the browser hijacker virus while some detecting the virus fail to delete it completely. If you have the same problem, you can try the following tips to remove Search3o.com.

If your security program detects Search3o.com after a scan but could not remove it completely, we have some useful tips for you.
1. Restart computer, press F8, select Safe Mode with Networking and press enter
2. Run your antivirus program and update it to the latest database
3. Run task manager and end Recycler.exe process if it is running
4. Open registry editor and modify the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key with 03ffffff in following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE
5. Run a scan

Recommended removal program
The fastest way to stop redirection is to use a virus removal program with detection on Search3o.com to scan the computer. Antispyware software is more powerful than general antivirus software. If you are looking for a virus removal program for Search3o.com removal, I will recommend you to use an advanced antispyware program like Spyware Cease. Spyware Cease has unique scan engine and has been tested to be able to remove most browser hijacker virus and fix web browser redirection.

To prevent redirect virus like Search3o.com, you may need to repair the web browser and system vulnerability.

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