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How to Remove Trojan.Badname completely

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on February 26th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Trojan.Badname is a harmful Trojan that can exploit system vulnerability and steal sensitive information from the infected computers. The Trojan is used to collect two kinds of information. One is system information which will be used by hackers to attack the pc. The other is account information including email account, online game account and passwords. Trojan.Badname will store information like IP address, operating system version, operating system service pack version, and running processes to a file and then send to server. The Trojan can connect to many malicious domains automatically. Besides stealing confidential data, Trojan.Badname undermines the computer on background.

The Trojan adds malicious registry entries and files
The Trojan runs insistently on the background and eats up system resource
The Trojan causes unwanted advertisement
The Trojan helps other pc threats to access the computer

How to remove Trojan.Badname completely
Does your antivirus program fail to remove the Trojan? If you have enough pc knowledge, you can try to remove the Trojan manually. Manual removal is usually adopted by pc technicians, because the process is complicated for common users.

Trojan.Badname manual removal way

1. Run Task Manager immediately and try to identify suspicious processes
2. Remove related files
3. Update your antivirus program and run a full scan
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How to remove Trojan.Badname effectively
If your antivirus program can not remove Trojan.Badname, you should download another one from the internet. There are lots of security programs on the market and it is time-consuming to try one by one. It’s recommended to use Spyware Cease, a professional antispyware program. Trojan.Badname can infect system files and Spyware Cease can cure infected system files. Some security programs will remove infected system files, which will lead to system crashes. To make sure your computer can run normally, you need a specialized removal software like Spyware Cease.

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