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How to Remove Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw easily

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on January 7th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw is a kind of Trojan virus  designed to redirect web browser to various misleading websites. By displaying ads on the infected computer, the Trojan will cheat victims to buy something they may be interested in. Even the users do not fall into the trap, the trojan will damage your system in other aspects. Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw could receive various comments from the remote attackers. For example, the Trojan could download files, install updates, upload files as well as display messages or pop-up. It is a disaster to have such Trojan on your computer. Do you feel your computer runs very slow? You can learn how to remove Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw completely from the computer.

You have two choices. One is to use a professional removal program and the other is to manually remove the Trojan.

How to remove Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw in manual way
When it is such an urgent issue to fix the infection, only experienced users who are very familiar with every manual steps are recommended to use manual way. For most users manual removal is time-consuming and complicated. It is risky to delete a wrong item when trying to remove Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw.

1. Open Windows Task Manager, find and end the following processes:

2. Unregister assocated DLL files

3. Open Windows Registry, delete these registry entries:

[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
“Start Page”
“Search Page”
“safe360″ = “%ProgramFiles%\Common Files\sebsbvx\coiome.exe

Faster Way to Remove Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw – Automatic Removal
Automatic removal is the fastest way to get rid of the Trojan. A third party virus removal program plays an important role in automatic removal. It can detect related processes, files and registry entries and then users can click a button to remove Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw instantly.

One of the reputable virus remover I would like to recommend is Spyware Cease, which can fulfill any requirements of any virus removal and precaution on my computer, so it is suggested to have a try. I think it will be a good and powerful guardian for your computer protection as well as the Trojan.VBS.StartPage.hw removal.

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