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How to Remove W32.Extrat!gen1 Step by Step

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on December 29th, 2012 | Leave a comment

W32.Extrat!gen1 is a worm virus from W32.Extra family. The worm is just a variant of the family and there are lots of other variants released every day by hackers. The worm can be used to open a back door on the compromised computer and steal sensitive data from the system. Like other worm viruses, W32.Extrat!gen1 can copy itself rapidly and infect removable device connected to the infected computer. It can infected files that are about to send to others via p2p software, email or messenger software. When the worm infects the computer, it creates a registry entry and then it can run without users’ permission. Every time the worm executes, it drops copies of itself and creates malicious files. Moreover, W32.Extrat!gen1 can access files like HOST files, connect to its server, create a proxy and capture screenshot and keystrokes. The infected computer usually has poor performance. Do you want to remove W32.Extrat!gen1 instantly? We have some tips for you.

Generally speaking, there are two possible ways to get rid of the worm, but in my opinion only one way is recommended for most users. That is to use a security program to safely clean up the infected computer.

Remove W32.Extrat!gen1 manually
Manual removal is one of the two options, but I think it is too risky for common users who do not have enough skills to handle unexpected situation. For example, when a user deletes a legitimate file which he considers as malicious, he may be unable to restart the computer. W32.Extrat!gen1 manual removal involves three main steps.
Step1. Run task manager and kill malicious processes
Step2. Search out malicious files and delete them completely
Step3. Run registry editor and delete associated registry entries

Remove W32.Extrat!gen1 automatically
Automatic way refers to using a virus removal program to have the worm removed automatically. This method is highly recommended because it does not involves uncertain factors that may damage the computer. As long as you choose the right software, W32.Extrat!gen1 can be wiped off instantly and safely. You do not have to worry about system crashes or data loss. Actually, if you have an effective virus removal program you can prevent 90% attacks like W32.Extrat!gen1.

Have you found an effective virus removal program? You can have a look at Spyware Cease. It is an advanced antispyware program adopting powerful scan engines. It is proved that Spyware Cease can remove hiding virus including W32.Extrat!gen1 effectively.

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