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How to Remove Windows Server Defender completely

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on December 21st, 2012 | Leave a comment

Windows Server Defender is considered as a fake antivirus program which can horribly attack your computer and also cheat the money from you. Like other fake software such as fake Microsoft Antivirus 2013, Windows Server Defender has the same properties to disguise as an authentic security program and induce those innocent users to buy it. With a genuine interface, many people won’t be confused by fake antivirus program with other legitimate antivirus programs, when people visit some websites which are full of misleading advertisement, they will probably install it and count on it to fix the infected computer. Unfortunately, Windows Server Defender will only display a lot of fake virus infection alerts on your computer, and pop ups a lot of advertisements on your computer to induce or even force you to buy the full version.

Please don’t easily believe the falsehood of Windows Server Defender, it can do more negative effects such as degrading the computer security and attracting more viruses and threats to your compromised computer. If you have installed the fake antivirus, the only thing you need to do is removing Windows Server Defender as quickly as possible from your computer.

Install Virus Removal Tool to Remove Windows Server Defender
To remove fake program you have two choices. One is to remove it manually. And the other is to use a professional virus removal program. Manual way is not widely used due to its complexity. Can you find out files and registry entries created by Windows Server Defender? If you can’t, it is impossible to remove the malware manually.

A reliable virus removal tool has been the most effective and popular way to protect the computer from different kinds of viruses and threats, but whether your computer is protected well by the virus removal tool largely depends on which one you prefer to equip on your computer. That’s too say, choosing a good virus removal tool is the key to remove Windows Server Defender and other threats and protect your computer well. Maybe you can have Spyware Cease for a try, a professional third party virus removal tool that perform very well in recently in detecting and removing virus instantly, its real-time protection also can protect your PC well in the daily time.

When Windows Server Defender blocks your access to internet, you can download Spyware Cease by another computer and then install it to the compromised one. By the way, Spyware Cease can repair system vulnerability so as to reduce the possibility of virus attacks.

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