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How to repair my laptop free? Learn some PC optimization tips together here

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on December 8th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Are you troubled with a laptop that displaying kinds of error messages and asked yourself “how to repair my laptop for free”? I think no matter how brand new your laptop is right now, as time goes it may run slowly as well as generate various strange error messages. This is because the computer is not well maintained properly. Just remember that, same as a human being a computer needs to well taken care of so as to function properly all the time. And the simple PC optimization tips here will solve you instantly repair your laptop.

PC optimization tip

When your laptop does not run properly, do remember that it is free from such malwares: Adware, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, and Viruses. Please note that all of these things are extremely bad and dangerous for your computer. Once get onto the computer, they will overwrite, delete, and rearrange necessary system and registry files. Besides, they can at the same time cause system bloat, eating up system memory and your processing speed and power to make the computer runs slowly and bring in the computer not responding issue. Check to be certain that you are not infected by these malicious programs by running a reliable and updated antivirus program. By the way, it is best that you can let your computer protection program always running in the background to detect and remove viruses at any time.

Secondly, to repair your laptop for free you need to make sure the Windows is updated. The next step is to make sure that Windows and all drivers are up to date. This way, the computer can access all files it wants correctly as well as improve PC performance, avoiding some unexpected errors just like IncDapi.dll & computer will not shut down error. To update the Windows, you can simply follow the solutions here:

*Click “Start” > “All Programs” > “Windows Update”
*Download all available updates for your system
*Restart your PC

By the way, to update the hardware driver, directly download the available ones from the manufacturer’s website and install it on the computer.

Thirdly, corrupted files and corrupted device drivers can cause the same laptop computer problem in your system as well. Therefore, if this type of problems exists, take immediate actions to check and solve them as quickly as you can. For example, you can run the disk error checking tool or check & install all available hardware driver updates as quickly as you can. In case, if you do not have time to do this job, get some help from some third-party software to do the job for you. But, you should make sure that you are downloading or installing the correct software for your PC.

What is more important, to optimize computer performance and repair your problematic laptop you still have to check and fix Windows registry errors. We all know that Windows is made up of registry files which are importantly needed to ensure the proper running of the computer and some certain programs on the PC. However, the personal laptop or computer registry gets corrupted easily as you install or uninstall programs, making the operating system to perform slowly or generate kinds of error messages. For this concern, to optimize computer and always enjoy a PC without errors you need to troubleshoot and get rid of all errors inside the registry as quickly as you can.

If your laptop does not perform as the one you just bought it, perform the above steps one by one to check and solve the potential & existing error on your PC. I believe with those PC optimization tips you will be able to easily repair your laptop on your own, and enjoy an error-free computer effectively.

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