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How to Reset my Computer back to Factory Settings?

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“How to reset my Computer back to Factory Settings?” I think you must ask yourself this question when the computer suffered a problem, for example, BSOD STOP error code 0X0000003B or continuous error code 1628 in installing a program. This way, you can most of the time make the computer run properly again with a problem. But how to restore a computer back to factory settings?

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To reset your computer back to factory settings, simply perform the below steps:
*Make sure that all of the files you want to keep are transferred properly to a USB memory stick or burn to a CD.
*Put the Restore Factory Settings CD into the CD drive, which usually packaged with your computer.
*Restart the computer and confirm that you want to restore the factory settings. Then, the computer will begin restoring all settings automatically. Depending on your own operating system, this process can sometimes take several hours. .
*Reboot the computer when promoted to complete the restoration process.

Also, you can reset your computer back to factory settings with the following steps without a CD:
*Turn on your computer.
*Press F1 when the black screen appears; enter the Setup configuration mode.
*On the appearing menu, select Restore Factory Defaults. Then the computer will restore your computer back to the default factory settings.

Just remember in mind that, when the computer was rest back to factory settings, some of your download, your installed programs, or even some files will go lost. So, it is highly advised not to perform this process randomly. It is best that you can maintain computer performance in your daily life so as to get rid of questions like “How to reset my Computer back to Factory Settings”. Here are some simple tips you can do daily to optimize PC performance.

First of all, perform virus scan regularly. Computers are especially vulnerable to viruses that get loaded onto the computer, which are notorious for stealing user’s privacy, taking up memory and generally wreaking havoc on the operating state of your computer. Besides making the computer to run slowly, viruses can also bring in some other problems to the PC. So to ensure a proper running computer, you have to always scan the computer for viruses, making it well protected against viruses.

Also, you should disable some unnecessary startup entries. If too many programs run at the same time, the computer will become slower and eventually bring in need to reset computer back to factory settings. So please go to Start -> run -> type “msconfig” to access “Startup”, and then disable some unneeded startup entries to optimize computer performance.

Thirdly, do remember to use certified drivers maximally. Nowadays, a large amount of test drivers flood on the Internet, which increases the harder to discover the malfunction causes and results in various computer errors. So it is suggested to use the drivers that certified by Microsoft or released by official, especially the drive for graphic card.

Finally, you should not miss to fix Windows registry errors. System registry plays a vital role on your computer to store all important settings and information. Both the computer and the hardware/software all need it to perform correctly. However, if it is not maintained properly, it will be full of some useless/invalid/broken entries, to eventually destroy some computer settings. What’s more, viruses and spyware can also attack and remove some registry entries to make it easily unstable. A simple fix on the registry will make it clean, compact and easily to be accessed and then speed up computer.

Well, with those computer optimization tips, you can easily make the computer run properly without a need to ask “how to reset my computer back to factory settings”. Thanks for reading and wish you enjoy an error-free computer all the time.

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