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How to restart a computer like new? Optimize PC performance quickly

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on February 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

I believe you have ever realized the computer was running and starting up fast when you just bought it. But as time goes, it runs slower and slower; and sometimes it may take forever to start it up, wasting up your time greatly. If you tired of spending a lot of time to open a program or surf the web, it is high time for you to optimize PC performance now. Only in this way, can you run the computer properly and quickly!

optimize PC performance

To restart a computer like new, first you should remove spyware and viruses. New viruses appear and infect computers every day even though the PC is only for daily usage. It is common that your system may have been infected without your knowing. Once the viruses get onto the computer, they will willingly do whatever they want just like collect & steal your personal information, attack & remove any file from the PC, resent your computer & browser’s settings, etc. These viruses can cause the computer to run slowly or crash at any time. It is highly recommended that you can always run a scan and check for these malicious files hiding in your computer & delete them immediately when found. Make sure that your virus definitions are always updated and always download the latest security updates.

Secondly, check your software and make sure they are working correctly, too. Software, especially the incompatible and unwanted ones will also make the computer to run slowly and crash unexpectedly. To optimize PC performance, you still have to work from these aspects:
*Disable some unwanted startup items
* Check and uninstall some unwanted programs from the PC
* Uninstall the incompatible programs
* Timely update your software to the latest versions

Thirdly, check and make sure that all your computer drivers are up to date and authorized. We know that there are numerous trial versions of drivers which cause indiscoverable malfunctions to the computer, bringing in the 100% CPU usage when the system has to speed too much time in loading the driver, making the PC to run extremely slowly. By the way, to correctly establish the relationship between the computer and the software/hardware, do remember to check and update all the outdated drivers.

Fourthly, deal with faulty memory. This is one of the most important pieces of hardware within your computer. With the help of the memory, your PC can run quickly by storing data on chips instead of the hard drive. Simply speaking, when the computer needs that data it can quickly be pulled from the RAM. However, some problems with the RAM due to power surges or other hardware issues will make the data that stored on that stick can become corrupted, causing all kinds of problems to the computer including unexpected computer slowness.

Finally, to optimize PC performance you have to make sure an error-free registry database. A corrupted Windows registry is one another main reason for why the computer runs slowly. Registry is the most important part of the Windows-based operating system to store all vital settings & information. However, it is very easy to get corrupted and broken as you uninstall programs or virus infection, etc. If the registry becomes corrupted, you will encounter computer boot error as well as slow computer performance. At this time, you should run a best registry repair tool to thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors inside the registry database. With a clean registry, I believe you can run the computer smoothly all the time without errors.

Well, sincerely hope this help you to restart a computer like new and enjoy the PC quickly all the time. By the way, even if your computer is running faster right now, it is still advised that you can insisting on performing this PC optimization tips in your daily life. Thus, the computer will get optimized and run quickly all the time.

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