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How to solve chkdsk error? Ways to fix chkdsk error on your own

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Check Disk (CHKDSK) is a tool that built with Microsoft Windows operating system that helps to verify the integrity of the data stored on the hard drive. Sometimes, it can also find and fix some errors which will potentially corrupt stored data as well as affect the overall computer performance. Because of this, exclusive access to the hard drive is a need of the CHKDSK utility. But the problem that lots of users encounter recently is that they might get a chkdsk error message on starting up or shutting down the PC. What is going on and how to fix chkdsk error on your own?

solve chkdsk error

To solve chkdsk error, simply follow the below steps manually to check and make sure that it was registered properly without issue:

*Go to Start, Run, type CMD in the appearing box to bring up a Windows prompt
*Then, you are provided two options to fix CHKDSK errors. One is to use the /f option and the other is to combine the /f /r options. The /f option allows you to fix errors while the /r option allows for the recovery of lost data. Type CHKDSK followed by your preferred option and press the Enter key to continue.
*Allow the utility to read through the entire contents of the hard drive to locate and recover errors (if /r is included) without interruption. Using only /f is faster compared to using /f and /r options combined
*When the scan finishes, restart your machine as prompted to update all those system files.

Even though you are able to fix chkdsk error with the above steps, it will be too late to encounter this error. Hence, it is highly advised that you can performance some computer maintenance tips in daily computer life to prevent such chkdsk error from happening. To do this, follow these steps to continue:

First of all, you should detect and remove all PC threats. A computer chkdsk error of course can be caused by virus and spyware as they can greatly eat up system resources. If you do not have any protection programs installed on your computer, do immediately download and install one. By getting rid of all computer threats, you can enjoy a much faster computer speed.

Secondly, diligently patch your system on regular basic. As we all know problems will occur if there are some system bugs on the computer as sometimes they will allow the hackers to break into your system & spy out data and violate your privacy. So do remember to download and install all available system patches. This helps to timely correct some bugs and enhance computer performance, avoiding the coming of a computer chkdsk problems.

By the way, if you can timely uninstall the useless programs from your computer, then you can most of the time make the computer run smoothly with a chkdsk error message.

However, one of the common causes that could possibly cause computer chkdsk error would be the registry. As registry is needed to ensure the proper running of the computer and all installed programs, when there is a corrupt entry, lots of computer problems will happen. So, you can run a registry cleaner utility to help you resolve such issues without worrying that it will crash your system because of a mis-deletion.

In a word, running the chkdsk tool regularly may help you repair hard disk errors, bad sectors along with damaged or corrupted system files easily. This way, the computer will run smoothly all the time without issue. For this concern, no matter whenever you receive a chkdsk error message, fix them as quickly as you can.

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