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How to tune your computer? Simple tips to make PC run at top performance

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After using the computer for several months, some users will find that: when the computer is new, it runs fast, but now the computer runs slower and slower. Is your computer running extremely slowly? Do you have to wait for a very longer time for the PC to start up, load a website or even run a small program? If so, you should tune up your computer as quickly as you can; otherwise, some other serious issues will come on the neck of another.

make PC run at top performance

When trying to tune your computer, run antivirus antispyware program regularly. Viruses are known to eat up computer resource besides of stealing users’ personal information. It is highly recommended that you can let your antivirus program scanning in the background to detect and block/remove PC threats at any time so as to make PC run at top performance.

Secondly, when you are asking the question” how to make computer run at top performance?” you may have forgotten how many programs you have set to run at system startup. The more programs you require them to run at system startup, the more time the system needs to boot up. To tune up your computer speed instantly, you may consider limit some unwanted program to boot up at Windows system startup.

Thirdly, you should make sure that the disk is always tidy without useless files. To do this, you need to regularly delete some useless system junk files, TEMP files and clear the Recycle Bin by using the Windows built-in Disk Cleanup utility. In addition, you should regularly use the Disk Defragmenter to replace everything on the disk. We know that disk fragment may be one main cause for a slower computer as it consumes longer time for the system to read through and reassemble all associated parts of a same content, slowing down computer speed. So to make PC run at top performance, you’d better perform such easy tips before paying for the technicians.

One another cause for a slow running computer has something to do with Windows drivers. We know that, drivers are importantly needed to properly establish the relationship between the software and hardware on the computer. Hence, they need constant updates in order to always perform at their optimal. However, faulty drivers are mostly one main cause of the computer errors if you have not updated them correctly. So, the fourth thing that you need to do when trying to get rid of computer errors and tune up PC performance is to directly search the internet for correct updates and install them onto your computer; but do remember to download ones that compatibly works on your computer. Besides, it is best that you can download and install all available Windows update services, which helps to improve computer performance & strengthen PC’s ability against viruses as well as prevent some errors just like I/O device error.

Finally, fix Windows registry errors. Windows registry is the main and central database for the Windows system, where vital files, settings & options are stored. Because of this database, the system can know how and when to perform the computer and all installed software smoothly and properly. Even though it plays important role in maintaining smooth computer life, it also causes serious problems to the computer So to tune up your Windows, it is strongly recommended that you can scan and clean out all registry errors at regular basic by using a registry cleaner tool. This helps to quickly make sure that all the parts of Windows registry are 100% working correctly without problems.

Don’t ignore those simple computer optimization tips during the usage of the computer! They help to effectively tune your computer and make it run at top performance all the time though sounds a little simple.

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