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How to Uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2009 – Norton AntiVirus 2009 Removal Guide

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Norton AntiVirus 2009 is designed to provide essential protection against viruses and spyware for home users. Are you encountering problems removing programs like Norton AntiVirus 2009? Is there any of quick and thorough method to remove Norton AntiVirus 2009? If you are not good at uninstalling security program , this article is just right for you to solve the problem immediately.

Uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2009 is not an easy work. Generally speaking, there are two reasons: first, the publisher will make it harder to uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2009 in order to force the customer to keep on using it but not go for other product; second, not all people are professional on computers, which make it difficult to uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2009 from the computer.


How Do I Remove Norton AntiVirus 2009 Effectively?

You can remove Norton AntiVirus 2009 through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. To conduct the work, follow these steps:

1) Click on Start, Click on Control Panel.

2) Double-click on Add or Remove.

3) Find Norton AntiVirus 2009 listed and click on it.

4) Click on Change/Remove.

5) Place a checkmark next to Norton AntiVirus 2009 you wish to remove and click Remove.

6) A warning message will pop up, and then click on the Remove button.


Remove Norton AntiVirus 2009 related files if any still exists and appear in your computer.

1. Open C drive and find the following relative files and delete them:

C:\Program Files\ Norton AntiVirus 2009 \

C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Application Data\ Norton AntiVirus 2009 \


2. Click “Start Menu”>select “Run”>insert “Regedit” to open the Windows Registry, and remove the Norton AntiVirus 2009 associated registry entries.


Following the instructions above, you can manually uninstall the Norton AntiVirus 2009. However, the process is simple, and you might fail easily. Although you are extremely careful, the removal would mess up with other program on the computer easily. Therefore, it is highly recommended users to use a third party uninstall tool to run a clean removal. A professional uninstall tool would uninstall any unwanted program quickly and completely.


There is a powerful uninstaller which provides a quick and easy way for any of us to completely uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2009 and remove all its files and extensions that are usually left behind.


You can simply follow the instruction below:

1. Close all associated files, folders, and processes.

2. Run Perfect Uninstaller.

3. Highlight Norton AntiVirus 2009 in the “Display Name” list.

4. Press “Uninstall” and then follow the prompts to finish the uninstallation.


It will save you a lot of time in uninstalling any security program like Ad-Aware Free Antivirus and BitDefender Antivirus 2009 that Windows is not able to take away fully.

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