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iMesh Removal Guide – How to Get Rid of iMesh once for all

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Does iMesh cause some unwanted problems on your computer? Do you encounter problems when you tried to uninstall iMesh as a normal program? You must wonder whether this application is a safe one now. Let me tell you more about this application.

iMesh is a file-sharing program which itself will not damage the computer. But lots of versions are bundled with adware. As a result, users who install the software may get problems like annoying ads, unwanted toolbar and strange icons on desktop. It is a very controversial whether it should be defined as malware. However, our suggestion is not to install iMesh on your pc.

For users who want to get rid of the unwanted application, we have three available solutions here.

Method one: manual uninstall
First of all, you should try add/removal program in control panel. Most users said when they try to uninstall iMesh, an “INSTALL.LOG” message pops up. In this case you have to remove all related components manually including folders, files and registry entries.
1. Remove the iMesh directory (usually it’s “c:program files” )
2. Click Start – Search – Type imesh. Delete all files in the search result
3. Remove registry entries. Go to Start – Run…- Type regedit. When registry editor runs, click My Computer – HKEY_CURRENT_USER – Software. Find out iMesh folder and remove it

Method two: a third party uninstaller program
A third party uninstaller program is designed to force uninstall any unwanted program. It guarantees a complete uninstall and is also much faster than the traditional way. If you are interested in removing iMesh with a third party uninstall program, you could have a look at Perfect Uninstaller, which enjoys high reputation.
1. Download and install Perfect Uninstaller
2. Select iMesh on the list
3. When the software shows all related components, click uninstall button

Method three: a virus removal program
Since iMesh causes many problems similar to a virus infection, some virus removal programs have put detection on the application. The advantage of using a virus removal program over the other two methods is a virus removal program could remove both iMesh and threats accessing your pc with the help of the malware. So we recommend you to download a removal program like Spyware Cease which has detection on iMesh and related viruses.

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