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IMI GAL Exporter Uninstall Guide – Completely Remove IMI GAL Exporter Quickly

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on February 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment

IMI GAL Exporter is a small package tool for Microsoft Exchange Server used to export GAL (Global Address List) to Microsoft Access databases. Need to instantly 100% uninstall IMI GAL Exporter you don’t want? If you find hard to completely uninstall Windows software, feel free to read this page. This article assists you in removing IMI GAL Exporter from computer completely and quickly.

IMI GAL Exporter 2012.9.24

Method one to uninstall IMI GAL Exporter

1. First look at the directory where you installed the IMI GAL Exporter.

2. Look for a program like uninst/uninst.exe or unwise/unwise.exe. Also Look for any text or ini files that might refer to the program’s installation.

3. Open these and you may find details you can follow to manually remove the program from your computer if all else fails.


Method two to remove IMI GAL Exporter

1. Disable the main program. You should right click and close the tray icon, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up the task manger and kill every process that is related to the program.

2. Go to Add/Remove Programs and find IMI GAL Exporter. Click on Change / Remove and a dialog will pop up. Choose Uninstall, and the program will be deleted from your PC.


Now you will see that IMI GAL Exporter is disappear from your control panel. But it is never sufficient. With Windows Add/Remove program, you can’t forcibly remove traces of the uninstalled software such as its registry.


I would highly recommend that you do not mess around inside this area of your computer as you could end up causing even more problems. If you accidentally remove the wrong file path then your other software that you have installed on your computer could just stop working. I am about to recommend you a professional uninstaller program – Perfect Uninstaller. Perfect Uninstaller not only uninstall the program, it even eliminates the smallest trace of the application


With the Perfect Uninstaller, you can perform quick and complete uninstalls of software that even Windows Add/Remove can’t remove. You can be certain that all traces of your software will be completely removed. If a program like Slim PDF Reader or 5DFly Photo Design can’t be removed with manual removal method then you can use Forced Uninstaller function of Perfect Uninstaller.


Now free download and take advantage of Perfect Uninstaller.

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