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Information on How to Freely Uninstall Avivo Video Converter from Computer

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on February 2nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Avivo Video Converter is the fast and easy way to transform your videos to play on today’s new breed of portable entertainment devices. Trying to uninstall Avivo Video Converter from your computer but have difficulty to complete the removal? How can you completely and quickly uninstall video program? This article provides information on how to quickly uninstall and remove Avivo Video Converter from your PC thoroughly.


It is very easy for us to locate programs in Add/Remove Programs. Hence, to uninstall Avivo Video Converter manually, you can directly proceed the below steps:

1. Click “Start > Settings > Control Panel” (“Start > Control Panel” on Windows XP).

2. Open “Add/Remove Programs.”

3. Locate and highlight “Avivo Video Converter.”

4. Click the “Remove” button.

5. Choose “Yes” when prompted to uninstall Avivo Video Converter.


If uninstalling Avivo Video Converter through the “Add/Remove Programs” control panel fails, try the second method. Users must be logged into the machine with administrator rights before running this utility.

1. Insert the “Avivo Video Converter” CD.

2. If the installation begins, click “Browse CD.” If the installation does not begin automatically, open Windows Explorer and double-click on the CD-ROM drive to start the installation. When the installation starts, click “Browse CD”.

3. Open the “Tools” folder.

4. Double-click “Remover.exe” to remove Avivo Video Converter.

5. Please restart the computer when prompted.


If you are having problems in uninstalling the unneeded programs, it is highly recommended that you choose a third-party uninstaller to protect your computer. Of all the uninstaller I have ever use, I find that Perfect Uninstaller is the most powerful uninstaller in uninstall unwanted programs, especially for corrupt programs. To perforce a force removal for Avivo Video Converter, you can easily perform the below steps:

Step1: Download Perfect Uninstaller for free.

Step2: Navigate to the directory where Perfect Uninstaller has been downloaded in. Click the .exe file to install it in your computer.

Step3: Run Perfect Uninstaller on your computer system.

Step4: Click the Avivo Video Converter to be uninstall in the “Display Name” list.

Step5: Click the “Uninstall” button to start the removal.

Step6: Follow the onscreen steps to wait a few seconds to finish the removal.


This is how easy you can completely uninstall Avivo Video Converter with Perfect Uninstaller. Besides, you can uninstall every unwanted video program in your computer, such as AVI Movie Player and AVS Video Converter.

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