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Instruction on Removing BigClique Toolbar from PC Completely

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BigClique Toolbar is a powerhouse toolbar with useful features and add-ons that a Web user needs to make life on the Net easier. If the toolbar in the Internet Explorer take up a lot of space, thus giving you lesser space to see websites and web pages, you may want to delete it from your computer. How to uninstall toolbars completely? For any users who need help in removing BigClique Toolbar, follow instruction below now.

Uninstalling BigClique Toolbar from Internet Explorer

1. Reset your homepage and search option.

2. Go to Tools icon, click on Internet Options, and then select your homepage.

3. To change the Search option, click the Settings.

4. Click the name of your preferred search provider, and then Set as default.

5. To remove BigClique Toolbar, select it and click Remove.


If however you are still finding files and folders that are associated with the program then you will need to manually delete data from the system registry. To get this done:

1. Type REGEDIT.EXE into the Run tool.

2. Look for any files or folders that are labeled with the same name as the BigClique Toolbar you are trying to delete.

3. Drag the file or folder into the recycle bin.

4. Empty the recycle bin and then restart your system.


Manual uninstall procedure is time consuming, because sometimes you need to confirm that if the program would leave behind various files, such as registry entries or startup items after uninstalling. Therefore, to remove the unwanted program once and for all, we recommend you use the software uninstaller tool.


How Do I Uninstall BigClique Toolbar Completely

Perfect Uninstaller is a revolutionary tool that skips the Windows uninstall facility entirely and looks for fragments of the installed program all over your computer. Once it finds them, it shows you a list of what will be removed and you can get rid of them instantly. Even if some of the files are currently in use. So it is the best choice for you to uninstall BigClique Toolbar.


Worrying about you may not fully uninstall unwanted programs by yourself? Not to worry. No matter MyStart Social Toolbar or BitTorrent Toolbar, any programs can be removed within minutes by Perfect Uninstaller.

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