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Instruction on Removing Free Internet Window Washer from Your Windows

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on November 6th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Free Internet Window Washer is a utility for Internet users that removes Internet tracks and computer activity logs. Once you have no use for this security software, you are requiring Free Internet Window Washer removal. Know how to uninstall security program effectively? If you’re experiencing uninstall errors, programs not working properly or general crashes and freezes of your machine, then the tutorial on how to fully remove Free Internet Window Washer below is useful for you.

You can choose to uninstall Free Internet Window Washer using the built-in Windows uninstaller with following steps:

1. Close Free Internet Window Washer if you are currently using one of the programs.

2. Click the Windows “Start” menu and click the “Control Panel.” If you are using Windows XP, double-click “Add or Remove Programs” to launch the programs window. If you are using Windows Vista and 7, click “Programs” and click “Programs and Features” to launch the programs window.

3. Scroll down the programs window and click “Free Internet Window Washer.” Click “Remove” or “Uninstall.” If prompted, type your administrator password and click “OK” to uninstall the program from your computer.


Reboot your computer and find any remaining pieces of Free Internet Window Washer. To do this you need to open up my computer and go to drive c. Locate Free Internet Window Washer from program files folder and delete these folders and files manually.


To automatically uninstall Free Internet Window Washer, you can download specialist software to uninstall programs that you are having issues with. There is one program called Perfect Uninstaller that needs a try as it helps to:

Completely remove all unwanted files and folders

Uninstall corrupted/hidden programs that windows can’t detect

100% automatic


Then because of the recommendation of lots of people, you can try to use Perfect Uninstaller to wipe off Free Internet Window Washer. With the help of this program, there is no need for worrying about any unwanted leftover file remains on your computer after uninstalling from Windows. The three uninstall options provides you very easy way to thoroughly uninstall what you want.


The latest Perfect Uninstaller also enables you to remove all remnants of the Avast! Pro Antivirus or Avira AntiVir Personal from your computer within minutes.

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