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Instruction to Fully and Instantly Uninstall 1st Email Anti-Virus from Your PC

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on February 24th, 2013 | Leave a comment

1st Email Anti-Virus is the only security program that protects from all kinds of email threats. If you choose to not use 1st Email Anti-Virus software, you’ll effectively uncover it truly is tough to uninstall the whole program from your personal computer. If you really don’t understand how to uninstall security program from your computer, then don’t worry, in this article I will provide you an instruction to fully remove 1st Email Anti-Virus 100% effectively.


The first port of call is using the Windows Add/Remove Programs tool. This will be able to get rid of the 1st Email Anti-Virus itself. Using this tool should always be the first step that you take when you delete any software from your computer.

1. Click the Start menu.

2. Navigate to the Control Panel.

3. Click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.

4. Once the list has populated single-click the 1st Email Anti-Virus icon.

5. Press the Remove button.

6. Follow the on screen instructions and then restart your computer.


What to do next in thoroughly uninstalling 1st Email Anti-Virus? You have to delete left-over files which will be left by the above process.

1. Press “Start” and then locate “My Computer”.

2. Go to “C:\Program Files”, search and find the left-over files of 1st Email Anti-Virus.

3. After you’ve identified these files, choose the selected folder and click “SHIFT + DELETE” to remove them permanently.

4. Empty your recycle bin and then restart your PC.


Another option to remove 1st Email Anti-Virus from your computer quickly is to use a universal uninstaller.


What happens a lot when manually uninstall program is that the uninstall simply fails. Also, 1st Email Anti-Virus is leaving files in your registry, they need to be deleted too in order to complete the uninstall. If you can not completely uninstall 1st Email Anti-Virus by yourself, your best option is to using the automatic uninstaller tool.


It’s recommended to do this by using the Perfect Uninstaller. This is an uninstaller and a removal tool that will help you to uninstall antivirus program such as 1st Email Anti-Virus, Max Spyware Detector and Panda SafeCD in seconds.

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