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Internal error 2908 – Steps to solve error 208 quickly

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When trying to repair an Office 2003 program, install a software update such as Microsoft .NET Framework version or start an Office 2003 program, some users will get an error code 2908 message saying that “Error 2908. An internal error has occurred”. Then, it will stop you from running the program or install the programs correctly.

solve error 2908

If the internal error 2908 message happens when you are installing a program n on your PC, it means that the previous install is corrupted or broken. In many cases, you can reinstall the program again trying to fix the problem.

For the problem in installing Microsoft .net framework 1.1, you can follow the instructions below to go:

*Click on Start; when you are in the start search, type cmd.
*Right click on cmd.exe and choose to run as an administrator.
*Type the following commands one by one and press enter to continue.
Regsvr32 /u mscoree.dll
Regsvr32 mscoree.dll
*When the command prompt finishes, close it.
* Then, download the Microsoft .net framework 1.1 again from the Microsoft website and reinstall it on your computer.

If the internal error 2908 appears in installing other programs, directly uninstall the previous version on your PC and then reinstall it on your computer. However, to do this job properly, it is highly recommended that you can download and run a registry cleaner tool to do the job for you. We know that no matter whichever program we add to the computer, it will automatically add corresponding entries to the Windows registry database to tell it when and how to perform it properly. However, not all entries will be completely removed from this database when you uninstall the program from the PC, causing many unexpected errors & stopping you from installing some other programs onto the computer correctly. A registry cleaner will completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all such leftover, useless, corrupt entries from the computer immediately. With a clean and compact registry database, you will be able to install, run all your desired programs correctly without any internal error 2908 message.

Also, to install your desired programs without an internal error 2908 message you still have to scan and remove all PC viruses. Right now, all computers are bound to get infected with a computer virus, worm, Trojan horse or any type of malware in one point or another even though it is only for daily usage. This is because there are literally thousands of malicious programs and software floating in the web; and you will get infected by a simple program download or via an email attachment. Once install on the computer secretly, they will seriously cause slow computer performance, strange web browser redirections from dodgy websites or frequent popping-up ads…If a file that required by the system to install the programs was removed by a virus, you will soon get an internal error 2908 message in installing or running the program. Directly scan your PC with a professional antivirus antispyware program, and remove all PC viruses immediately. Then, you will be able to get all desired programs installed on your PC.

Well, no matter in installing which program you get the internal error 2908, just follow the above steps and you will soon fix the error on your computer. Good luck and wish this article help you to easily get rid of error 2908!

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