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Internal error code 5,202,52 – Causes and solutions

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on February 16th, 2013 | Leave a comment

After installing a Canon program such as Canonscan 210 on the computer, the users may keep on receiving a message telling that “Internal error, Scanner driver will closed Code 5,202,52”. Sometimes, even though they have removed the program and downloaded a new one from the Canon website, same error message persists. What the hell is the cause and how can you fix it? If you are having the same problem, this is the best place for you!

internal error code

To deal with the internal error code 5,202,52, first you have to verify that the Scanner is detected properly by the Computer. Simply, if the scanner is recognized by the computer, it will be displayed under “Imaging devices” in Device Manager.
* On the Start menu, right-click My Computer, then select Properties.
*On the Hardware tab, select Device Manager.

If you are able to find it here, skip to the next solution; if not, make sure that you have installed the driver properly on your computer. You can do this easily by downloading and running a computer driver update tool. Such tool will completely scan the whole PC and recommend you the latest & available drivers.

Then, make sure you have all the latest updates for your operating system. Such updates usually include improvements to deal with some unknown errors within the computer itself. Besides, you’d better install all latest updates that available for your specific computer model, hardware devices or computer programs. An outdated driver, programs can most of the time stop you from running the install Canon program properly and display an internal error code 5,202,52.

Thirdly, to stop and fix internal error code 5,202,52 you’d better make sure that your hard disk is clean from viruses. Viruses are the inevitable consequence of the computer use today and they are able to get onto the computer via online chatroom, program downloads, email attachments, etc. Annoyingly, once the computer gets infected, you will soon find yourself inability to get online at all, troubled with frequent computer startup errors, blue screens, sluggish performance, computer freezing up again and again. If a file within the hard disk was attacked and removed by the viruses, you will no doubt get an internal error code 5,202,52 messages when trying to install or launch a certain program. To well protect the computer with a trusted antivirus program is a must to make the PC run correctly and perform all requests successfully.

After all the above steps, check and fix some other errors within the registry database. System registry plays a vital role to maintain the proper running of the computer and almost all computer activities rely in it. And all information ranging from the hardware & software and among other applications is distributed in the registry so as to be accessed correctly. When some go missing and the computer cannot read them properly for your Canon program, an internal error code 5,202,52 will appear. You’d better download and run a professional registry cleaning tool to completely scan and repair all errors correctly as a manual removal will most of the time cause other serious PC errors.

In a word, many unknown reasons can bring in the appearance of the internal error code 5,202,52 and stop you from running the Canon program correctly. But the good news is that, you are able to troubleshoot and fix it easily with the simple solutions above.

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