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iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE error – What causes it and how to solve it?

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I got emails from one customer telling that after updating iTunes to 10.7, he kept on getting an Explorer.EXE error when trying to open it. It says “The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions”. This error message iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE error is quite annoying and stop him from running the iTunes correctly. Well, after talking about how to fix iTunes error code -1202, I will show you some causes and solutions to this iTunes error.

fix iTunes error

fix iTunes error

First of all, remember that the Explorer.EXE is a file that usually used to navigate or browse files, but now as newer versions of Windows were released; it evolved to being a file management system that is task-based. If it cannot be accessed correctly, you will no doubt get the iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE error message upon running your iTunes.

To fix the error, you have to first make sure that the computer is totally virus clean. It is notoriously known that spyware, malware, or a Trojan can severely disrupt your system causing errors of all kinds just like iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE error message or any type of application error message. So, the first thing you should do is to scan your whole computer with a quality antivirus program and remove all found computer malware.

Sometimes, the iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE problem will happen when you lost your file association. To fix the problem, you can instantly restore it as quickly as you can. And here are the detailed instructions that you can take:

* Click Start and then go to Run.
* In the Open box, type explorer and press Enter to go.
* Navigate to the Windows directory (by default, a typical path may be C:\Windows) and locate regedit.exe.
* Right-click on regedit.exe and select Run as.
* Uncheck “Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity” and hit OK.
* Then, go to Start -> Run again, type Regedit and press Enter to open Registry Editor.
* Locate and then click on the below registry key:
* On the left panel, right-click on the subkey: ‘.exe’ to select Delete and then click OK.
*Also, right click the below registry subkey on the left panel: ‘secfile’
* Select Delete and OK to directly delete it from the computer.
* Close Registry Editor.

Another common cause of the Explorer.EXE error while running iTunes 10.7 could be caused by incompatible or outdated drivers. We know that drivers allow the operating system to communicate with any software or hardware on your computer correctly. This way, you have to have keyboard, printer, speakers, webcam drivers, etc, installed on your PC properly. Make sure that your drivers always updated to the latest one and work compatibly with your operating system.

Apart from the above steps, you still have to check and repair computer registry errors when trying to repair iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE errors on your computer. Sometimes, an error within the registry will cause the annoying JavaScript error message to happen. If you are not familiar with the computer or registry files, don’t edit them manually. A simple mistake can permanently damage your computer and leave you with more serious problems. You can use a registry cleaner tool to help you and many PC users use registry cleaner to fix the iTunes error & other errors on the PC. A registry cleaner will scan your entire registry completely for any errors and repair them immediately, returning you an error-free computer instantly.

If you are still troubled with the iTunes 10.7 Explorer.EXE error on your computer, take it easy and follow the above steps right now. Then, I am sure you will instantly get your computer and iTunes run properly without errors.

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