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iTunes Activation Error – Causes and Solutions

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on January 30th, 2013 | Leave a comment

When activating your Audible account for iTunes, it is quite easy for the users to get an error message indicating that “Could not authorize this computer because you do not have enough computer access privileges”. Thus, you may fail to fully enjoy all functions of the iTunes and the whole computer. It is highly recommended that you should deal with this iTunes activation error as quickly as you can. But what should you do?

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Most of the time, the iTunes activation error usually happens when your account doesn’t have privileges to access that folder and finish the activation process. At this time, you can simply change some settings and give your account full access:

* Navigate to the C:\windows folder
*Locate the installer folder and right click it to select properties
*Click on security tab.
*Here, you have to make sure that every group has read and execute, list folder contents, and read set to allow; the system group has all selected to allow except special permissions and the administrators group has all selected to allow except special permissions.

Sometimes, an incorrect setting within the iTunes can also stop you from activating the iTunes by showing an unknown error message. Thus, after the above solutions, try the following steps to go:
*Quit all iOS devices from your computer, and close iTunes at the same time.
*Then, double click to open My Computer.
*Choose Tools > Folder Options ->View tab and select the option to “Show hidden files and folders.”
*Click OK to save your resetting.
*Navigate to the following folder on your computer: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple. Sometimes, the drive letter can be different according to your own system.
*Locate the Lockdown folder and move it to the Recycle bin.
*Then, you can reconnect your iOS device and open iTunes to see whether you are able to activate it correctly without an activation code or not.

If you still fail to activate it correctly, check and make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes. Or you can directly uninstall the correct one from your PC and re-download the latest one from Apple website & reinstall it on your PC. Sometimes, a missing, corrupt or broken file associating to iTunes can stop you from running iTunes correctly by showing either an iTunes activation code or iTunes 4450 error. By the way, to completely uninstall it from the computer, you can directly go to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, locate and uninstall the iTunes from your computer.

Before reinstalling iTunes on your computer, check and fix registry errors. Well, Windows registry is a very important database to basically store various data and configurations about your computer’s hardware and software information. And no matter whenever you start up the PC or launch a program, it will first access this database for the corresponding entries. However, after being used for a while, some invalid or useless entries of the various software & hardware can mess up the registry and harm the computer, bringing in a wide range of PC errors such as slow computer performance, pop up startup/shutdown errors, or even random computer freezing & crashing… When the system cannot locate the required entries to activate your iTunes correctly, an iTunes activation error message will display. But a simple registry fix with a trusted registry clean tool can help you deal with such error instantly.

No matter in which operating system you are getting the iTunes activation error message, just remember that you have log onto the system as a user with administrative privileges; and then follow the on-screen steps to go. Then, you will be able to activate your Audible account and enjoy your iTunes properly all the time.

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