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iTunes error 11556 repair – Solve error 11556 in iTunes effectively

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“iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occurred (11556).” When trying to connect to the Apple store via iTunes, some users will get this annoying error message. It is an error that generated when any corresponding process or operation could not be completed successfully by the iTunes application, and prevents you from accessing the iTunes store successfully. However, you are able to troubleshoot and fix error 11556 in iTunes effectively.

fix error 11556 in iTunes

When the iTunes error 11556 appears, you need to detect and remove any virus and worms in your computer. Virus, trojans and worms could be able to change your system setting as to cause error 11556 or runtime error 53 to happen, so if you find any traces of these malicious programs, you’d better find a way to remove them to ensure the proper running of the computer. By the way, you still have to check and make sure that your firewall is not blocking you from connecting to the iTunes store. Sometimes, this can be a main cause for the error 11556 in iTunes.

Then, you should update your iTunes program to the latest version. An outdated or corrupted version will show you an error 11556 frequently. Also, you have to remember that only updated device drivers can correctly translate information between your system and software applications, or solve the iTunes error 11556. To do this, just follow the steps here:
* Right-click My Computer and open the Device Manager;
* Check whether there is any yellow exclamation mark
* Right-click the marked hardware
* Choose Update Driver

Thirdly, if any file of the iTunes program is corrupted then it will not execute properly and result in such error 11556. So, you can uninstall and reinstall your iTunes again if suffering the error code again and again.

Finally, the iTunes error 11556 also has something to do with your Windows registry. Every time you install or uninstall a program, it will add or remove some entries to or from Windows registry. With so many combinations of records that overlap each other – especially bad installation, numerous broken or useless entries will be left in the registry database. These corrupted files will make Windows unable to access and read the registry for required files to connect to the iTunes Store. Therefore, to solve error 11556 in iTunes, the last thing you should do is to fix corrupted registry entries immediately. Only with a clean and compact registry, can you run your computer more smoothly.

With the popularity of iTunes, many users prefer to use this application in their computer life and it is inevitable for you to suffer from an iTunes error. If you are facing with an iTunes error 11556, just follow the above steps before rushing to a repair store. You will find yourself both save your time and your money at most of the time easily.

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