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iTunes Error 1611 – How to fix error 1611 for Apple iTunes?

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on November 19th, 2012 | Leave a comment

Are you receiving an error 1611 when trying to restore your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G / 4G or iPad via iTunes? Many iTunes users complained that when trying to restore their iPhone, they keep on getting an error message saying that “The iPhone “your device name” could not be restored. An unknown error has occurred (error 1611)”. Because of this iTunes error 1611, they usually fail to finish the restore job properly. But don’t worry! Here is the fix for you!

error 1611 for iTunes

To fix error 1611 for Apple iTunes, you have to first make sure that the computer is connected to the Internet correctly. If you still get the error message even though you are properly connected, check and ensure that the computer is clean without virus infection. We all know that Trojans or some other PC viruses are able to attack and rename any files on the computer and generate kinds of error messages when using the computer including iTunes error 1611 and frequent computer crashes. So, to make the computer virus-free is the first thing you should do.

Secondly, update all available updates, including Windows service pack. It’s also very possible that the outdated drivers for the device could cause the iTunes error 1611 problem. So the second step that you should do to solve this problem is to run a driver checker to detect and update all of your outdated drivers to the latest one. Also, do remember to run all available Windows service pack to make sure that your system is always updated.

If after the two above steps you still get an error 1611 for Apple iTunes, update the program to the latest version. If needed, uninstall and reinstall the program again to see if it solves the iTunes error 1611 or not.

If you have tried all the solutions, but the problem still remains, then I can say the problem lies on the computer itself. We know that there is a main component called Windows registry on all Windows-based system. It stores all settings and options of the software & hardware to ensure the proper running of the computer and all programs installed as no matter what task you do on the computer (ie, install a program), the system will read through this database for some necessary entries. If it cannot successfully read the files to launch the iTunes properly, you will no doubt get the error 1611. So the last recommendation to fix the iTunes error 1611 is to download and run a best registry cleaning tool to detect and fix all errors existing in Windows registry. With an error-free computer, I believe you can run the computer without different kinds of computer errors.

To sum, right now with the popularity of iTunes and some other iPhone, iPad programs, it is quite common for you to encounter an error 1611 message. But it is so lucky for you to come to my posy here, with which you can completely troubleshoot the PC and repair iTunes error 1611 immediately.

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