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iTunes error 44012 – Causes and solutions to error 44012 on iTunes

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When trying to activate or authorize in iTunes, playback a title in iTunes, find some references, or import a title in to iTunes you receive the following error message: “Could not authorize this computer because an error occurred (-44012)”. Typically, an iTunes error 44012 means that the account does not process correctly on your computer due to some existing errors, especially some errors within the registry database. To correct the error 44012 on iTunes, you can simply follow the instructions listed below.

error code 44012 on iTunes

Sometimes, an iTunes error 44012 could be a fluke and should be fixed instantly after a system restart. So when you get this error message in running your iTunes, directly restart the computer and the annoying error message will disappear.

If fail, check and make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes program. Some bugs within the current version installed on your PC can sometimes cause an error 44012 to happen on iTunes. Also, you’d better check and fix the corrupted driver files as well. If they cannot be loaded into your system correctly, the devices that this driver controls will consequently function improperly, causing the computer boot-up error message to emerge. What is more, you’d better check and update all outdated device drivers as they at some point stops you from running iTunes correctly.

Then, check whether the iTunes error 44012 has been resolved or not after an update. If it disappears, the problem might be caused by some unknown problems with the program itself. If it appears soon after you install a new program, check whatever you have installed on the computer and instantly uninstall the incompatible ones. If the same iTunes error message appears when you are trying to launch the iTunes, directly uninstall it from your computer & reinstall the latest one.

Fourthly, the iTunes error 44012 message will appear when the computer is infected by viruses. Viruses are able to attach and remove the exact files such as hpslpsvc32.dll that are essential for your system and sometimes they will disguise themselves as the legitimate system files so as to do whatever they want on the computer. When your computer or iTunes program cannot find the correct file and launch the iTunes properly, you will soon get the error message. To well protect your personal information and ensure the smooth running of the iTunes application on your computer, you’d better download & install a professional antivirus antispyware program to thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all computer viruses or malwares.

Last but not least, to always ensure the smooth running of the iTunes and other programs without an iTunes error 44012, you should check & fix Windows registry errors regularly. If you are not familiar with how to edit your registry, it is highly recommended that you can use third party software to manage this task for you. There are many good windows registry cleaners available on the internet nowadays. Too confused to decide which registry cleaner you should use? I’ve tried some and found that Registry Easy is really one that you can use to fix the registry errors on your computer.

So, you want to run your iTunes correctly without an error code 44012 on your PC? Then, download and install the best registry repair tool. This way, you will be able to scan & remove all useless, invalid & broken entries as well as repair all registry errors automatically. A simple of registry fix can solve iTunes error 44012 effectively.

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