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iTunes won’t load – Useful tips to load iTunes successfully

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on April 18th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Whenever clicking on iTunes, the loading circle next to the mouse comes up, but goes away almost immediately and nothing more happens? It will be very annoying to find iTunes won’t load itself, but what can you do? Take it easy; the instructions below will show you some useful tips to load iTunes successfully.

load iTunes successfully

If your iTunes won’t load successfully, first you have to make sure that your iTunes program is updated to the latest version. If you still fail to load it successfully, follow these steps to go:
*Quit your iTunes
*In task manager click “show processes from all users”, sort by description and kill everything named with “Apple”; also, you should kill all processes with the image name AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe
*Click Start, Run, and copy & paste the following content – with the quotes – “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe” into the open box and press OK.
*Open iTunes and try another connecting job to see whether you are able to load it or not.

If after the above steps you still cannot get your iTunes to load successfully, I guess there might be something corrupt or broken within the iTunes program installed on your PC. At this time, you’d better uninstall it and then reinstall it again. To completely uninstall it, it is best that you can rely on the Windows packaged Add/Remove Programs feature:

*Go to Start, Control Panel
*Double click Add/Remove Programs
*Within the appearing list, locate iTunes and select “Change/Remove” to uninstall it.
*Then you can follow the on-screen steps to finish the iTunes uninstall job.

Thirdly, check and make sure that your antivirus program is not blocking the iTunes program installed on your PC. There are chances for the iTunes to be blocked by your Firewall or other antivirus antispyware program and cannot be loaded correctly.

By the way, you’d better always well protected from viruses at the same time. Viruses are able to stop you from loading the iTunes successfully. Besides, viruses are able to attack any other files on the computer just like wuauclt.exe file to cause kinds of computer error messages. So, no matter you are suffering from an iTunes won’t load issue right now or not, it is wise to always keep your computer virus free.

Finally, you should check and repair registry errors. Registry is a place that collects and stores all information of the hardware & software on the computer. That is to say, no matter whatever you do on the computer, for example, uninstall/install a program, change the web browsers’ homepages or even log onto an email account, all information will be automatically add into this database. However, not all entries will be completely removed when you uninstall the program, making the database a mess with useless, invalid or broken entries. All these will sometimes stop you from reinstalling a program, running the computer smoothly or causing some unexpected errors to the PC. Some broken entries will not allow you to load iTunes successfully or display some other kinds of PC errors. So, the final thing you should do to deal with the iTunes won’t load issue is to completely scan your whole PC with an advanced registry utility and remove all errors instantly.

Right now, with the development of the computer and iTunes technology, lots of users prefer to launch iTunes in their daily life, which arise lots of iTunes errors at the same time. If your iTunes won’t load correctly as usual, follow the above step-by-step to troubleshoot and fix it. Then, you will soon get your iTunes load successfully.

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