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Java crashes computer – How to do when Java crashes your computer?

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Besides the installer error 1723, one another problem that troubles the Java users is that the Java crashes the computer unexpectedly. This issue usually happens when you are trying to update the Java; the computer just hangs and then crashes eventually. I think no matter what you are doing while the computer crashes, it can be very annoying as it can serious cause some important data loss or even make your on-working document go like a smoke. But what you should do when Java crashes your computer?

unexpected computer crashes

In many cases, a mis-deletion of a system-required file can bring in the Java crashes computer error. So, the first thing you should do is to run the System File Checker program (SFC) to all protected system files and replace corrupted or incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions. In my opinion, this procedure can be very beneficial in repairing corrupt system files, especially helpful when your computer displays error messages or running erratic. To use the SFC, directly follow the steps below:

*Close all other running programs on the computer.
*Click on the Start button
*Click Run
*Type this command in the Run box: SFC /SCANNOW
*Click the “OK” button and follow the on-screen steps to go.

Secondly, you should free up more available disk space. An amount of hard disk space is required to load the programs correctly as they are needed to create temporary files, log files etc during the runtime. Hence, if there is insufficient disk space providing at starting up the computer or loading the Java program, the computer will crash immediately. So, you can perform the below steps to release more disk space:

* Uninstall the unneeded programs
* Clean and remove the useless system files
* Remove temporary system files
* Defragment the hard disk

Thirdly, to deal with a Java crashes computer error, you still need to remove all computer viruses from your system. You should know that each time you log onto the internet to check email, download a file or connect via social media sites, it is very easy for you to expose your web-enabled device to potential threats and sometime be infected by some PC threats. Once get onto the computer, they will severely attack and destroy your computer setting, remove some files from the PC, etc. When the computer cannot locate its required entries to load your Java or update it, you will come to the chance to get a Java crashes computer issue. So, you should download and run an antivirus program will help you get rid of all such threats instantly.

Besides the above causes, some programs or games will bring in the annoying computer crashes problem when you are updating your Java. Hence, if you are getting the error message right now, firstly go and check the developer’s website to see whether there are some available updates. If so, update the program directly to repair the unexpected PC crash error. If not, you can directly uninstall and then reinstall the Java program causing the issue again to see whether the problems. In many cases, the Java crashes computer error will be repaired if you have overwritten the old folder with the fresh newly ones.

Also, a registry fix process helps to scan & fix the registry errors that may generate the Java crashes computer errors, too. When the Java program fails to recall its required entries to display the animations, pictures correctly, you will no doubt get an unexpected computer crash. So, the last and more recommended solution for you is to regularly fix registry errors. This helps not only prevent & fix unexpected computer crash errors, but also fix other computer problems immediately.

In a word, Java crashes computer is quite a common phenomenon during the usage of the computer. But if you are able to take some correct solutions to do when finding the computer suddenly crashes, you can decrease the damages to the largest extend. And the above steps are those that show you how to do as well as how to maintain stable PC performance. So, why not start doing them from now on??

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