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JavaScript repair – Ways to repair JavaScript error effectively

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A JavaScript error window usually happens suddenly while you are surfing the Internet and stop you from browsing the webpage properly. This is why many computer users are annoyed by this error and want to fix it instantly so as to surf the Internet properly all the time. Actually, without reinstalling your web browser or the Windows operating system, there are some rather simple ways for you to repair JavaScript error effectively. Do not know how to start with? Follow me now and you will soon get the possible solutions.

JavaScript error message

If the JavaScript error message appears when you are browsing a safe website, just shut down the browser you are using. Open another browser and visit the same website to see what happens. If the website works well on the other browser, then you can say that the JavaScript errors on the first browser are causing viewing issues. You could check and update your browser to the latest version to solve the JavaScript problem.

Secondly, if the JavaScript error occurs when you are running a certain program like Dreamweaver, then you can try to update the program to solve the problem. Most of the time, some bugs in the program itself will also cause the JavaScript errors. If this fails to fix the error then you can try reinstalling the program to see whether it solves the problem or not. If not, you can directly turn to the next solution.

After the two above steps, you should know that all active scripting, ActiveX controls, and java applets are key components to JavaScript in order to make your browsers run properly. And you have to make them enabled properly so as to prevent a JavaScript error. Here are instructions for you to enable these features if you are using Mozilla Firefox:

* Open your Firefox browser, and select “Tools” in the top.
* Click “Options” and then select “Content”.
* Check the “Enable JavaScript” checkbox.
* Click OK.

Besides, it is recommended that you have already downloaded the most recent version of DirectX as the older on will interfere with your browser’s ability to and cause the JavaScript problems.

What you need to do fourthly is to run a thorough virus scan on your system with your Antivirus software immediately. Viruses or spyware programs are above to attack and remove all system code files (ie, msvcr80.dll) from your computer, making you get the JavaScript error messages again and again. Right now, all antivirus programs have an option that will scan your hard drive and registry database immediately to remove any infected items from your computer.

However, in most situations a JavaScript error will happen when there are bad and corrupted entries existing in your Registry Database. In order to ensure the proper running of your web browser, it is important that you can check and correct registry problems regularly to make them always clean and compact. To do this, you can manually perform the below steps:

* Go to Start, Run and type “Regedit”, press “Enter” to open Registry Editor.
* Look for these two registry hives where IE stores its configurations, viz:
i. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
ii. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
* Navigate the two registry hives mentioned above, check and correct the incorrect entries.

As the most important part the computer, registry controls the proper running of all the programs installed on your PC. Once some needed files are mis-deleted, the Windows will generate more computer errors rather than the JavaScript error when the program cannot reach the correctly needed files. Hence, to always ensure the proper running of the computer and all of your programs, you should scan and fix registry errors at a regular basic.

Well, to always use the web browser and view all your desired contents correctly, it is highly advised that you should have a PC optimization tool to well maintain your PC all the time. In this way, you can not only fix JavaScript errors, but also optimize PC performance at the same time.

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