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JS:Redirector-B Removal – How to Remove JS:Redirector-B quickly

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JS:Redirector-B is a malicious javascript file that can hijack web browser and open malicious websites or advertisements. The virus is used to increase traffic for some websites and gain profit from pay-per-click. JS:Redirector-B can be classified as redirect virus. When it gets into a computer, it will insert malicious codes to the web browser. Meanwhile, it can damage or corrupt some legitimate files responsible for web browser running. Besides redirecting web browser, the virus will download and install addition malware on the compromised computer. Though JS:Redirector-B will not damage the computer directly, the malware it downloads can cause big problem. So you need to remove the virus as soon as possible.

JS:Redirector-B manual removal instruction
The following steps, requiring some pc skills, are how a expert remove JS:Redirector-B from windows system. If manual removal is not complicated to you, you could have a try.
Step1. Run Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL simultaneously. Indentify malicious processes associated with JS:Redirector-B and then end them. Usually the suspicious processes are in random names.

Step2. To run windows register editor, click start menu – go to run – type in regedit and press enter. Find out JS:Redirector-B registry entries and delete them.

Step3. Remove all files infected or modified by JS:Redirector-B in hard drive. The virus could be in the form of dll or exe.

Best way to remove JS:Redirector-B
Using a professional virus removal program is the best way to remove the virus and also other malware. Computer system is complicated for most users but the virus infection will become a piece of cake with an effective program that can remove JS:Redirector-B. However, you may find sometimes it is hard to find an effective virus removal program especially when the computer is infected by a latest pc threat. If you have a security program, you should make sure it is updated to the latest database before you run a scan. If your security program can not detect or remove the virus, Spyware Cease, an advanced virus removal program, can help you remove JS:Redirector-B instantly. Just download it and run a scan immediately.

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