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Kernel data inpage error – Fix blue screen Kernel data inpage error easily

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While using the computer, have you ever found the computer screen suddenly turned blue with a message saying Kernel data inpage error? Sometimes, the PC just restarts without giving any warnings. Actually, a blue screen Kernel data inpage error seems to happen regardless of any activity (idle, gaming, video playback) and stops you from running the computer improperly. In many cases, a blue screens error is the result of a malfunction in your computer either with your hardware or software or sometimes both. Just read on and you will get solutions to prevent and fix this annoying error on your computer immediately!

Kernel data inpage error

No matter whenever you get the Kernel data inpage blue screen error message, directly restart the computer as it can be a temporary issue on the computer. This can be fixed immediately after a system reboot.

However, sometimes there could be something wrong with your RAM (Random Access Memory) and a section of it might be showing op as bad. Sometimes, low quality of memory chip can also bring in the happening of a blue screen with Kernel data inpage error message. At this time, you can fix this problem by modifying the delay time in CMOS settings (change 3 to 2 normally). However, if you are sure there is something wrong with the RAM and have to replace it, perform it carefully and correctly. If you are not sure how to do it, it is better to have someone who understands computer better to assist you.

If possible, verify and make sure that your mainboard and CPU is running properly without errors. Sometimes, a simple problem with these two aspects on your computer can also bring in the happening of a blue screen error or an error kernel32.dll message.

Sometimes, a Kernel data inpage blue screen error will appears soon after you update or install a new device driver. This is because you must install a wrong edition of those drivers then there could be some conflicts between them. It is common that a blue screen error will take place due to a conflict. At this time, you’d better uninstall the recently-installed old edition driver within safe mode and install the correct driver after that.

Fifthly, same as a driver conflict, a program conflict can also bring in a blue screen Kernel data inpage error message. So, if you find the computer frequently display a blue screen after installing a new program, directly uninstall it and the blue screen error will be solved.

Sometimes, some simple problems on your hard disk can also cause a Kernel data inpage blue screen error message. So, if possible, regularly perform the followings to maintain your hard disk:
*Uninstall all unwanted programs completely
*Check and remove all useless files, folders from the PC immediately
*Scan and repair hard disk errors, bad sectors regularly
*Perform a scheduled disk defragment job on a regular basic
*Run SFC/SCANNOW to scan and replace all missing, corrupted system files

Also, to prevent and fix the Kernel data inpage blue screen error you should completely scan and delete all computer viruses. It is easy for the viruses to get onto the computer and do whatever they want, which include eat up system resource, collect & steal personal information, attack & remove system files, reset computer’s default settings… Any one of these will make the computer run strangely, and finally cause computer slowness, unexpected crashes, freezing-ups, and blue screen errors. What is more, a virus-free computer helps to effectively secure your own information and ensure the proper running all the time.

Last but not least, it a blue screen Kernel data inpage error could be a problem with the registry on your computer and you need to fix it immediately with a registry cleaner tool. We know that, registry is where all your information is stored about what and how to run the programs & perform all PC requests properly. If something goes wrong and cannot be accessible correctly, you will soon come to the chance to get a blue screen. A registry cleaner will help you will all things easier by completely scan the whole PC and repairing all errors automatically.

Well, those are the common causes and cures for the blue screen Kernel data inpage error. If you are facing with this issue right now, perform the steps one by one. I believe you will soon get the computer run properly again.

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