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Laptop keeps freezing up – Stop laptop freezing issue easily

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It is a fact that millions of people have to deal with various unknown errors while using the machine because of many known reasons. And the most frustrating one is the laptop freezing issue. I can magic how crazy you are when the computer suddenly hangs up while you are doing something important and find all the on-working data go like a smoke after a system restart. Here, I have summed up several common causes and solutions to stop laptop freezing issue easily.

stop laptop freezing

If your laptop keeps freezing up, run a scan to check that whether your computer has been infected by rogue security programs or not. The rogue security programs have been classified as spyware for it is specifically designed to fool you with large numbers of fake security alerts and rogue warning messages into purchasing its full or upgraded version. And it also exploits hidden components to get into your system, damage critical system components and privately collect your personal or commercial information for embezzling them in the future. After successfully gaining your crucial files, the rogue security program has the ability to transmit them to a remote server through a previously created Internet background. To protect your privacy, improve computer performance and stop laptop freezing, you need to uninstall the rogue security programs totally and safely, without harming the system files.

If no viruses are found, check out free hard drive space on drive C:. Most of the time, you have to ensure a more than 20% of free space available to make the computer run properly; a low disk space can lead to random laptop lockups.

By the way, you need to check and fix corrupted system files at the same time so as to stop laptop freezing. A missing system file can also result in the laptop keeps freezing up problem when the computer fails to read the necessary system files. Meantime, you have to replace the corrupted system files by performing steps below:
* Insert your operating system installation disk.
* Click Start | Run.
* Type SFC /ScanNow and press ENTER.
* Follow the on screen instructions to do.
* Reboot your computer when the scan completes.

By the way, repair the hard disk bad sectors is also a need to deal with the laptop freezing issue. To learn how to do, just visit: how to repair bad sector for hard drive.

Fourthly, software problem is another main cause for laptop freezing problems. If you install a program that conflicts with the one on your computer, you may have the changes to encounter the Windows freezing during shutdown or blue screen error on shutdown of the computer. So, if you immediately encounter a laptop freezing after install a new program, uninstall it to see whether it solves the problem. By the way, if there are too many programs running in the background when starting up the computer, it will also cause a laptop freezing at PC startup. You can go to “Start” menu–Run and type in “msconfig” to open System Configuration utility; then terminate some unnecessary startup services and applications under the “Startup” tab.

Finally, you still need to repair Windows registry errors so as to stop random laptop freezing issues. Windows registry acts as one of the crucial parts in all version of Windows operating system. Once you perform any activities on the Windows operating system, the system can generate certain registry keys automatically. As time goes by, the accumulation of registry keys has the ability to generate tons of registry problems, which is likely to be the main reason for laptop keeps freezing issue. Once your computer is encountering irregular increase of registry keys, you should clean up the registry as fast as you can.

Following these steps will hopefully stop the laptop keeps freezing up issue and get back a proper running computer. By the way, if the freezing has something to do with the Windows registry, it is advised that you can get a registry cleaner optimizer to do the job for you. This way, you can run the computer smoothly without sudden freezing all the time.

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