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Laptop overheating and shutdown – Fix an overheating laptop effectively

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It is quite common for a laptop to become overheating and then suddenly shut down even if you have just run it for a short time. And below, you can find some common symptoms of an overheating laptop:
* The laptop becomes extremely hot, especially the area around the fan
* Laptop fan is running at high speed or making a very load sound
* Laptop shuts down itself suddenly even if you are doing nothing

fix laptop shutdown

Any of the above problems will make the computer run abnormally and will greatly shorten computer lifespan at the same time. But how can you fix an overheating laptop effectively?

Hardware issues
The first and most important thing you should do when finding the computer is overheating and shuts down suddenly is to clean the computer fans or cool down the CPU & graphic card. It is a known fact that as the usage of the computer, the dust and dirt on the fan/CPU and graphic card will greatly slow down the PC & accumulate heat at the same time. To fix an overheating laptop, it is quite necessary for you to make all these parts clean from dust & dirt.

If possible, invest a cooler to cool down the computer. But before doing this, bear in mind that getting a wrong or inferior cooler will sometimes make things worse. It is highly recommended that you can understand the flow of air into and out of your laptop before purchasing a cooler; and select the exactly collect cooler for your own PC. This way, you can make the computer always run properly without some unexpected shutdowns because of overheating.

Software issues
After dealing some problems with the hardware device in fixing an overheating laptop, sometimes, you still need to work hard from some software issues so as to fix an overheating laptop. And the first one you should do is to make sure that there are not too many programs running in the background or at the same time. It is of cause the case that the computer will become quite hotter due to a fast running speed when having to spend a very longer time loading or launching such programs. Just click Alt+Ctrl+Delete at the same time to bring in the Task Manager, locate and end the unnecessary programs & processes here.

Secondly, completely scan the whole PC for any potential & existing viruses and remove them all from the PC. It is quite easy for a computer to get infected as you download a program file, browse a website, click on a strange email link, or even open an email attachment… Annoyingly, when the computer gets infected, various unknown problems will come on the neck of another, for example, the computer will pop up with various unknown errors like error code 21, run slowly, shut down unexpectedly or even crash without a reason. If some system files are attacked and mis-deleted and cannot be located by the computer smoothly, the PC will become overheating and then shut down unexpectedly. It is quite important to download and run a professional antivirus antispyware program to completely scan the whole PC & remove all existing & potential threats regularly.

Thirdly, repair computer registry errors. This is a massive set of computer files that contains vital information about every single component of your computer. Over times, more and more entries, useful or useless, will be added to this database. This means, the computer has to spend an elongated period of time looking for the data it needs to start up the computer, or even launch a small program. If fail it may suddenly shut down without an error message or a sign. To fix an overheating laptop and stop unexpected PC shutdowns, you still need to completely scan the whole PC with a trusted registry repair tool and fix all errors inside. Only with a clean and compact registry database, can the computer run smoothly all the time.

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