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Laptop won’t boot – How to do when laptop won’t boot?

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Right now, lots of users have to rely on the computer to finish either their work or study; however, it is inevitable for the computer to generate some kinds of errors during startup or even its running, for example, error code 0x0000008E, Logonui.exe error or even unknown error 0XE8000084… All of these errors will make the computer run improperly. However, one that troubles lots of computer users right now is the laptop won’t boot problem, and nothing responds when you click on the power button. If you fail to start up the PC, follow me and you will know how to do when laptop won’t boot.

computer startup problem

When the laptop won’t boot, you can directly perform a system restore job to get the computer to work properly again. To do this, just follow these instructions:
* Go to the “Start” and then click the “All Programs” button.
* Go to “Accessories” in “Accessories”.
*Find and click the button called “System Restore” in “System Tools.
* Select “Restore to an earlier point” and then “Next”.
* Here, you will see a calendar for you to restore your computer to and a description of your have done that day. Select one and click “Next”.

Once you are able to start it up, do remember that it is free from such malwares: Adware, Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Worms, and Viruses so as to prevent it from appearing. Please note that all of these things are extremely bad and dangerous for your computer. Once get onto the computer, they will overwrite, delete, and rearrange necessary system and registry files. Besides, they can at the same time cause system bloat, eating up system memory and your processing speed and power to make the computer runs slowly and even stop you from booting up the laptop properly. Check to be certain that you are not infected by these malicious programs by running a reliable and updated antivirus program. By the way, it is best that you can let your computer protection program always running in the background to detect and remove viruses at any time.

Also, do remember to check and make use of certified drivers maximally. Nowadays, a large amount of test drivers flood on the Internet, which increases the harder to discover the malfunction causes and results in 100% CPU occupancy or event computer boot up failure. So it is suggested to use the drivers that certified by Microsoft or released by official, especially the drive for graphic card.

Sometimes, the laptop won’t boot problem has something to do with the system files. We know that all Windows computers work by opening and reading a series of files to help them run properly. These files contain information about almost all aspects of your system, ranging from everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper. However, a corruption in the system files may stop you from booting up the computer correctly when it cannot locate the correct files to finish the PC requests. At this time, it is best that you can restore the corrupted system files to their original states with the System File Checker tool. To do this, you can instantly follow the solutions here to go:

*Insert Microsoft Windows installation DVD ROM.
* Press Windows Key + R.
*Type SFC /ScanNow
* Follow the on screen instructions.

Finally, to fix the laptop won’t boot issue you still need to fix registry errors. Even though computer registry acts as the most important part of the Windows-based operating system, computer registry problems will drive lots of PC users crazy. If you are not familiar with pc terms, remember in mind that a computer registry is basically a reference database for Microsoft Windows operating systems to store all the important settings and information. Besides, the Windows continually references the registry database during operation and every time you give windows a command, it first accesses the registry to complete the request. When there are too many useless entries within the registry database, the computer will become running abnormally or even fail to boot up. To prevent and fix laptop won’t boot issue, regularly fix computer registry errors.

A laptop that won’t boot will make the computer looks just like a cold machine, topping you from using it correctly. Anyway, by following the above steps you can instantly troubleshoot the issue and fix laptop won’t boot problem the simplest way.

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