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Learn the Effective Way of Uninstalling MacroToolbar for Good

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on November 2nd, 2012 | Leave a comment

MacroToolbar allows users to create macros running in all Windows applications and fire them by clicking on toolbar button. You may not be interested in continuing using MacroToolbar and want to uninstall it from your PC / Laptop. How do you fully remove MacroToolbar if it is not your favorite toolbar? Are you one of the computer beginners who need toolbar removal help? If you want to uninstall MacroToolbar successfully now, perform the following actions.

Manual method to delete MacroToolbar

1. Open your browser and then select “View” menu.

2. Select Toolbars and then uncheck the toolbar name to disable it.

3. Then go to your computers Control Panel and double click on Add/Remove Programs.

5. Then, a list of all of your computer software will be shown. Here, locate and highlight the file named “MacroToolbar “.

6. Click on the Change/Remove button to begin the uninstall processes.

7. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the MacroToolbar uninstall and reboot your system when the uninstalltion finishes.


When to fully uninstall MacroToolbar, you have to identify several files in the registry and then delete them.


The next step comes to accessing the registry editor and deleting the related registry entries. Click on Run icon on the Start Menu, then type regedit to activate the Registry Editor. Find and delete those MacroToolbar related keys.


Actually, I do NOT recommend that average or beginner users attempt a manual deletion. I only recommend an expert make registry change, as one wrong file deletion can cause debilitating system errors.


Uninstall MacroToolbar automatically (Recommended)

It is generally acknowledged that the most guaranteed successful method in uninstalling MacroToolbar is downloading a standalone uninstaller program that works great in these situations. This can be done by downloading an automated tool like the highly recommended Perfect Uninstaller. Once installed, a list of installed programs will appear in the display panel and from here you can select MacroToolbar by marking off the box on the left. Then press “uninstall” to remove this MacroToolbar from your system.


Perfect Uninstaller is specially designed to help users to uninstall unwanted programs, wiping out all their leftovers such as registry keys and files. It is your best choice to completely uninstall ESPN Toolbar or AltaVista Toolbar in an easy way.

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