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Livesearchnow.com Redirect – How to Remove Livesearchnow.com Browser Hijacker

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Livesearchnow.com is detected to be suspicious search engine associated with browser hijacker virus. The website looks like a normal search engine, but when you try to search something you will find the results are full of advertisements and other profitable sites. Livesearchnow.com tends to guide users to unsafe content and commercial sites which promote unrelated application and suggest improving browser security. Though it does not damage the system severely, it could be a beginning of disaster. When you use the fake search engine, virus can find change to access your computer. Browser hijacker virus will redirect the browser to Livesearchnow.com and other similar fake search engine, change homepage and insert malicious codes to the web browser for monitoring users’ online activities. It is necessary to get rid of Livesearchnow.com before you use the web browser to log in any account.

How to remove Livesearchnow.com redirect virus
When the virus executes, it creates related files and registry entries, changes browser settings and adds registry values. So when you want to get rid of the redirection, you need to delete related files and registry entries, reset browser settings such as homepage and default search engine, and change registry values. The whole process sounds very complicated. Actually, we have a simple way to complete Livesearchnow.com removal. You need an advanced virus removal program that can take care of the infection automatically.

Most users have an antivirus program on their pc and it is the first tool you should use when the web browser is hijacked. Usually, an antispyware program is better than an antivirus program in the case of redirect virus removal. If your antivirus program fails to remove Livesearchnow.com, you could get your hands on an advanced antispyware program like Spyware Cease.

Spyware Cease is one of the most comprehensive security programs on the market. It can act as a backup security program and also be used as an effective real-time protector.

How to prevent Livesearchnow.com
Livesearchnow.com is just one of the millions of malicious domains. A browser hijacker can redirect your web browser to any of them. It is always easier to protect computer against virus than to remove a virus from computer. To well protect your computer, you should
1. Equip computer with Spyware Cease and enable the real-time guard.
2. Update security program and run regular scan
3. Repair system vulnerability. Livesearchnow.com and most other trojan could make sure of system vulnerability.
To repair system vulnerability by Spyware Cease: click Tools – click Vulnerability Scanner – click System Vulnerability – click repair button.

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