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Manually fix virtual memory errors – Get computer optimized easily

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When you start up the computer or any program installed on the PC, you may receive a virtual memory error message similar to any of the following ones:

  •  Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file. For more information, see Help.
  •   Your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file.
  •   Your system is running with too little virtual memory.

get computer optimized

Because of such an error message, the computer may run extremely slowly or fail to load some of your desired programs, even if a small program. Don’t worry! Here you will get some simple solutions to get computer optimized easily.

First of all, we know that one of the most severe problems to the computer is virus/spyware infections as they can come onto the computer without your knowledge. Besides collecting/stealing users personal information, they are able to attack and remove any file like WoW.dll from the computer or disguise as any legitimate file on the computer. When such files have been removed from the computer, kinds of computer errors will come on the neck of another. So, to get rid of fix virtual memory error, do remember to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all PC threats with a powerful antivirus/antispyware program. By the way, from a study we can learn that right now 90% users are at the risk to be infected by spyware program even though the computer is only for daily use. So, it is highly recommended that you can let your antivirus antispyware program running in the background to realtime detect and remove PC threats.

Secondly, you should uninstall any undesirable programs and software from your computer. You may haven’t noticed that your computer performance has been drastically decrease and displayed various virtual memory error messages because of tons of programs installed on your computer. The computer professionals who design the programs attempt to set the program to run at system startup for luring the users to pay for the upgrade version. If you have never checked that how many programs they have installed on your computer, you may consider enabling the Windows Add/Remove utility to help you fix the problems. To uninstall unwanted programs and software, please follow the steps: Go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> double-click Add/Remove Programs. Alternatively, you can uninstall the program from the All Program List: Start –> ALL Programs(or Program Files) –> Scroll to the program you need to uninstall –> enable the built- in uninstall tool in the program –> totally uninstall the program.

After uninstalling the program, you need to defragment your hard disk regularly. This process helps to rearrange the fragmented files on the hard disk, making them stay in order at the same place contiguously and much easier to be accessed to. Hence, this helps to more effectively prevent slow Windows problems and get computer optimized easily. To do this, you should right click the drive to be defragmented and select “Properties” -> Tools ->Defragment Now to defragment the drive.

By the way, to fix virtual memory errors, you still need to update your computer from these aspects:

*Update your software especially anti-virus programs to the latest version to realtime prevent viruses, worms, spyware attacks;
*Update your computer with the latest Microsoft patches, fixes to prevent some bugs that cause by the system itself.
*Update your device drivers to the latest ones.

Last but not least, run free registry scan to resolve all registry errors. As what I have discussed in my other posts, when installing programs on your computer, it will automatically add entries to Windows registry. But when uninstalling programs, some registry entries will be left like stubborn elements. All of these leftover registry entries will make the registry bloated, greatly slowing down computer performance and displaying a virtual memory error message. So do remember to run a registry cleaner at least once a week to make your vista computer run faster all the time.

By manually fixing virtual memory errors, you can easily get the computer optimized within clicks & make it run smoothly all the time. By the way, to make the computer always run smoothly all the time without issues, do remember to always free up available system resources and memory. This way, you will be able to run the machine correctly!

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