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Mcshield.exe high CPU usage – Fix mcshield.exe error the quickest way

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Some PC users find that their computers run extremely slow due to the mcshield.exe high CPU usage, but they do not know what it is or how to fix the mcshield.exe error message. Actually, the mcshield.exe is an important process belonging to the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise so as to well protect the computer. But things will be different when something goes wrong with the mcshield.exe file. If you are facing with mcshield.exe high CPU usage or mcshield.exe error message, here you will get some solutions to fix this computer exe error the quickest way.

fix mcshield.exe error

fix mcshield.exe error

Causes of mcshield.exe error
Mcshield.exe error can be generated by multiple computer problems:
• Python Scripting tool corruption
• Third-party software run with mcshield.exe damage
• Mcshield.exe file missing or corruption
• Incorrect BIOS setting
• Missing or corrupt driver
• Too much system resources mcshield.exe used
• Dll file associated with Python Scripting tool damage

How to fix mcshield.exe error the quickest way?
Most of the time, the mcshield.exe error message will pop up as you run McAfee. Or it shows up at once windows starts. To fix mcshield.exe error, you could try to reinstall the security program. During reinstalling, a new mcshield.exe will be downloaded to your system and thus fix the not found error. However, you should completely uninstall the current one before you download a new one. If mcshield.exe error is fixed after reinstall, you should move to those steps

Step1. Exit McAfee and open Task Manager to kill related processes
Step2. Remove the following file
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\McAfee AntiVirus Corporate Edition\7.5\
Step3. Remove the following folder
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\McAfee AntiVirus Corporate Edition\7.5\I2_LDVP.VDB\*.*
Step4. Run McAfee to make sure mcshield.exe error is fixed

By following the above steps, you can most of the time deal with the mcshield.exe high CPU usage; however, you still need to check up whether the drivers on your computer are updated and compatible or not. It is extremely important to keep your drivers up to date as these tell your operating system how to perform the software &hardware on your computer correctly. Driver conflicts can cause all sorts of problems, usually resulting in computer instability and frequent exe errors. If you are getting the Mcshield.exe error message, it is better that you should check the websites of manufacturer to make sure that you are downloading/installing the correct drivers.

Last, why you are getting the mcshield.exe error is with the Windows registry. We know that the windows registry acts as the brain of the computer behind the CPU and is a crucial component that controls all of computer application and functions as well as contributes to your PCs performance. Hence, once the file in the Windows registry is corrupted, the entire computer might be serious damaged, which in turn results various kinds of computer errors just like the mcshield.exe error discussed here. So, what you need right now is a professional registry cleaner that can quickly scan, safely diagnose and automatically clean up all registry errors within clicks.

Scan your computer immediately with the highly recommended computer repair utility right now and you can instantly troubleshoot & fix all errors causing the mcshield.exe error within clicks. It also helps to get rid of all potential errors within the PC, returning a stable working environment all the time.

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