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My computer has no sound and how to get back PC sound?

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on January 8th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Many People may take it as granted that computer has no sound is a small problem which only affects the process of watching movies or listening to music, but this is not true. The problems causing the computer stop making sound can at the same time lead to program freezing, system lock-ups, slow computer performance, startup/shutdown problems or even system crashes. So, when your computer has no sound, you should learn how to get back PC sound as well as maintain PC performance meanwhile.

get back PC sound

The first step you should do when your computer has no sound is to ensure that the volume & audio settings of your PC are correct. You can easily do this by going to “Start” and then selecting “Control Panel”. Here, pick “Sound” and check & change the audio settings that Windows may have inside. This will generally show whether your speakers / headphones are working correctly or not. If they are not recognized, you have to make sure that all drivers are installed.

Secondly, make sure your speakers are connected correctly to the computer. On your speakers, simply find the cable that plugs into your computer. Check and make sure that that the speaker cable is plugged into the speakers and the correct jack on your PC. This in many cases helps to get back PC sound easily.

Thirdly, verify that the software drivers for your sound device especially for the sound card are not missing or corrupted. To troubleshoot this, you can try reinstalling the most recent software drivers for your sound device by scanning for available updates on the Windows Update Web site or by visiting your sound device manufacturer’s Web site. In addition, it is recommended that you can download and install all Windows service packs to enhance computer performance and improve PC security ability.

After the above steps, to get back PC sound you still need to remove all computer viruses from your system. You should know that each time you log onto the internet to check email, download a file or connect via social media sites, it is very easy for you to expose your web-enabled device to potential threats and sometime be infected by some PC threats. Once get onto the computer, they will severely attack and destroy your computer setting, remove some files from the PC, etc. When the printer cannot locate its required entries to play your videos correctly, you will come to the chance to find the computer has no sound. Download and run an antivirus program will help you get rid of all such threats instantly.

Last but not least, do not forget to spend several minutes scanning & fixing registry problems. Registry is very easy to get corrupted or broken due to programs installation & uninstallation or virus attacks. The registry errors will stop the system from running the corresponding entries to create a sound, causing the PC fails to produce sound. For the smooth computer performance and get back PC sound easily, you have to regularly fix Windows registry errors either manually or automatically with a registry cleaning tool.

To more effectively get back PC sound, I highly recommend you to install this computer repair tool which simply fixes computer no sound problem together with improves PC performance. By the way, to permanently get rid of questions like “my computer has no sound and how to get back PC sound”, keep on maintaining your PC with those tips regularly.

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