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My computer has no sound – Steps to fix sound on computer

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Your computer has no sound? A computer sound problem is really a problem that bothers thousands of computer users by making the PC life less enjoyable. I have ever had the same problem – when trying to play a video by using the Windows Media Player, there was no sound from the computer. However, I was able to fix the sound issue on my computer luckily. Here, I sincerely hope my share solve the same sound problem for you.

fix sound problem

The first thing you should do when your computer has no sound is to ensure that the volume & audio settings of your PC are correct. You can easily do this by going to “Start” and then selecting “Control Panel”. Here, pick “Sound” and check & change the audio settings that Windows may have inside. This will generally show whether your speakers / headphones are working correctly or not. If they are not recognized, you have to make sure that all drivers are installed.

Secondly, make sure that there is no another program trying to use the sound device. This also prevents the Player from accessing the sound device smoothly. At this time, you should close all other programs to let the Player running only, and then try to play the file again to see whether there is a sound.

Also, you still have to check the volume and no make sure there is no problem. To do this, simply go to the system tray and right click the volume icon and open the volume mixer to check that none of the programs/devices in there are muted. Then you can turn the volume up all the way and try to play some music to see whether your sound is back or not.

Fourthly, you should know that a computer sound problem is mainly caused by some driver issues; at this time, you need to download and reinstall the driver or outdated driver to make sure that everything is working fine properly. When the sound card has no problem to communicate with the sound driver, there won’t be no sound problem. In addition, you need to install all available Windows updates as some bugs in the older version can also makes your computer to encounter no sound problem.

However, some users will take it as granted that sound problem can only be caused by sound card problems. That is not right as sometimes it can be caused by Windows registry. Windows registry stores all the settings and options of the hardware & software on the computer; only with a clean registry database, can the system properly access all of its required entries and load the computer and hardware & software properly. So when getting the computer has no sound problem, besides checking & updating the needed drivers, what you still need to do is to scan and fix any registry errors on your computer.

I think, a computer that has no sound can drive you mad when cannot watch your favorite movies, videos or listen to your desired songs pleasantly. However, with the above simple solutions, you can instantly check and fix all errors on your computer that causing the sound problem.

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