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My computer is too slow and how to increase computer speed easily?

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on October 31st, 2012 | Leave a comment

My computer is too slow and how to increase computer speed easily? This is a question that has been asked by many PC users all around the world. Actually, every computer will run slow as time goes no matter how brand new it is right now. In my opinion, don’t rush to throw the computer or even seek help from a computer technician when the computer runs slow as you are able to speed up your computer easily. Do not know how to start with? Follow me now and you will soon get the computer run faster!

increase computer speed

To increase computer speed, first it is necessary for you to run an anti-virus program to ensure that your computer is always well protected against any virus, malware, spyware and other kinds of malicious software. These infections will take up large amount of Windows resources, greatly slowing down the computer by causing High CPU Usage. A virus-clean system is quite needed so as to make the computer run smoothly all the time.

Secondly, cut some unnecessary startup options. Just like a human being, the more programs that the computer has to load at one time, the slower the computer will be as this always take a very longer time to load the startup items before getting the computer into successful startup. So the second step to increase computer speed is to cut off some unnecessary startup items to reduce the burden of the system. You can go to Start -> Run -> type “msconfig” and press “Enter” to run System Configuration Utility. Here, you should disable the unneeded services within “Service” tab and unnecessary startup items within “Startup” tab.

Same as cut off startup items, you’d better clean up the disks regularly. The massive number of unwanted or obsolete files in C:\ may be a big reason that drastically decrease the system performance and generate a list of further obscure system problems. To fix a slow computer and tune up the overall system performance, you may consider enable a disk cleaner for cleaning the files, including temporary Internet files, previously installed program files, files in Recycle Bin, Windows error reports, unwanted system components, obsolete files generated by system restore and unneeded third-party programs.

After the above steps, run a disk defragmenter to keep everything in order. A fragmented file is often the result of your computer trying to save time and saving your files to different parts of the hard disk (usually the first largest spaces it finds). Now you know: the PC isn’t so smart all the time. Anyhow, what happens is that these fragmented files will again slow down your computer because it now has to look for all the parts of the broken up file. A Disk Defragmenter program can put all the pieces back together again, thereby increase computer performance.

Lastly, check and repair computer registry errors. Windows registry acts as one of the crucial parts in all version of Windows operating system. Once you perform any activities on the Windows operating system, the system can generate certain registry keys automatically. As time goes by, the accumulation of registry keys has the ability to generate tons of registry problems, which is likely to be the main reason for “why my computer is too slow”. Once your computer is encountering irregular increase of registry keys, you should clean up the registry as fast as you can. This is also the most effective and quickest way to increase computer speed and make it run at top performance all the time.

In a word, do rush to a repair tore for help when the computer is too slow. Perform the above steps one by one; you can instantly increase computer speed and run the computer pleasantly all the time without issue.

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