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My computer is very slow and how can I make computer run faster?

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“My computer is very slow and how can I make it faster” is what lots of PC users ask frequently while using the computer. I think you will find it frustrating to see the computer which was once so fast is now crawling like a snail. But it is a fact that all computers will run slow as time goes, seriously if it is not maintained properly at all. Some maybe consider buying a new computer when noticing the computer runs slow, actually you don’t need to. Here, I will show you some steps to make computer run faster instantly.

make computer run faster

make computer run faster

First of all, you should scan the computer for viruses. When the computer is infected by viruses, lots of system resources will be taken when running to make the computer runs slow. So please use a reliable anti-virus program to thoroughly scan your computer and regularly update your anti-virus program to ensure the latest virus database. This is what you should do first when asking “how can I make computer run faster”.

Secondly, repair corrupted system files. Once the computer is infected by viruses, some files will be removed incorrectly, which makes the computer cannot recall the necessary files correctly to greatly slow down the PC. So a repair of the corrupted system files is needed. After running an anti-virus program to check whether the computer is infected by viruses or spyware, you’d better use the “sfc” demand to repair the corrupted system files: go to Run -> CMD to open the “Command Prompt” windows -> enter “sfc/scannow” and press Enter to proceed the scan process. Once there is a corrupted system file, you will be promoted to insert the Windows installation disc to replace the corrupted files.

Also, you should be careful with the programs on your computer. When installing programs on your computer, it is recommended that you can first search the Internet to see whether it is a malware or not. Also, when finding a program is not necessary, remember to uninstall it from the computer in time which followed with a disk and registry defragmentation. This is what you should not miss when trying to make computer run faster. An uninstallation of the unwanted programs helps to release more available disk space as well as solve some computer problems.

Fourthly, if possible add more ram to the computer. These days, with resource hungry applications all over the Internet you really need at least 2 GB of RAM and a processor running at not much less than 2 GHz. If you do not have enough ram, the computer will run slowly as well as usually suffered from 100 CPU usage problems. To do this, simply click your Start menu and right click the My Computer icon and then click properties to see what kind of power you have under the hood. In many cases, adding more ram is the most effective way to make computer run faster, but it will cost you a large amount of money.

Last but not least, you should regularly clean up Windows registry. No matter when you install or uninstall a program, or just browse the websites, there will be some junk files or empty registry keys left behind, and all the leftover entries behind a program uninstall process will make the windows registry bloated, causing the computer to run slow like a worm. So it is suggested that you should weekly clean up Windows registry either manually or automatically with a registry repair utility. Only in this way, will the computer run properly all the time without problems. To always make the computer run faster, you’d better fix registry errors at least twice a week.

Remember that no computer can escape the faith of being running slow, and the older the PC is, the more likely it will be. However, with the above steps you can regain lost computer speed and make it run faster again. Keep on doing them in your daily life; you will always enjoy a computer that always run at top performance.

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