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My computer keeps shutting down and how to stop random computer shutdowns?

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on November 14th, 2012 | Leave a comment

No matter you are using the computer for work or for pleasure, I believe you would undoubtedly want it to run smoothly all the time. However, one of the most distracting things that many users encounter is that the computer keeps shutting down itself when they are doing something important on the PC. Do not ignore it if your computer randomly shuts down as it might be an indication of a severe problem, and you need to take instant actions to make sure that such damage won’t go any further. But how can you stop random computer shutdowns?

stop random computer shutdowns

To stop random computer shutdowns, you need to check and remove all PC threats. We know that, viruses and malicious programs can severely attack your system and affect the whole PC performance as well by eating up system resources or removing some required files, etc. Once some files that are needed to launch the computer or your certain programs cannot be loaded properly, the computer will suddenly shut down without a warning. So, to make computer run smoothly without frequent shutdowns, what you need to do first is to conduct a full system scan with up-to-date virus definitions and remove all PC threats.

Secondly, check all installed software or hardware. If the random shutdowns start to happen after you installed a new piece of hardware, or new software program, or new drivers, uninstall it to see whether the problem solves.

Same as the above problem, you’d better remove undesirable files on C:\ to stop a computer from shutting down randomly. The unneeded files on C:\ are the main reason for the dramatic slow computer speed and the unexpected computer shutdowns at any time. If you wish to remove the files from your computer safely and completely, you may need to enable the Disk Cleanup utility to perform the task for you. You can follow the steps to wipe out the unwanted files on C:\ or other disk: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup > select the disk you wish to clean > Files to delete > clean files and click OK > Yes.

Fourthly, we know that no matter how brand-new the computer is right now, with the numerous times of creating/deleting/ updating/downloading file actions, there will be lots of useful or useless files coming on the hard disk. Most of the time, these files will be scattered into different units and saved discontinuously on the hard disk, which will cost the hard disk heads more time to move back and forth frequently in order to retrieve the files. Hence, it will slow down computer running speed, shorten the lifespan of the hard disk or even cause unexpected computer shutdowns. In order to make the computer run faster, the first computer maintenance tip is to defragment the hard disk by following the steps below: go to Start -> All programs -> accessories -> System Tools to select disk cleanup/ disk defragmenter to begin the maintain processes.

Last but not least, you should run a system repair tool to scan and check your PC’ health. Such tools will quickly check the registry and the rest of the computer for errors. When uninstalling a program from your computer, some registry entries will not eliminated completely. That is why registry errors are also a main cause for “why my computer keeps shutting down randomly”. So, the last tip I want to say here to stop random computer shutdowns is to check all the registry entries and remove all computer registry errors.

If finding the computer keeps shutting down randomly, you need to think of what you have ever done recently and how to stop the random computer shutdowns effectively. It is quite important that you can have your computer regularly well taken care of so as to make it run smoothly.

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