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My computer sound is not working – Fix sound on computer now

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on February 22nd, 2013 | Leave a comment

Computers can be changeable and unstable suddenly if it is not properly maintained. And the most common one that users encounter should be the sound problem. That is, when trying to watch some desired videos and listen to some favorite songs, the users will find the computer sound is not working at all. That can be frustrating!!! So, it is quite important that you need to know what causes the error and how to fix sound on computer by yourself!

fix PC sound error

When the computer sound is not working, you need to first check and make sure your sound card is working correctly. Make sure the card is closely attached to the socket, and the radiator fan & chipset is working properly without errors.

Secondly, take several minutes to check and update some outdated drivers. Computer driver helps the computer run properly & smoothly along with some other parts just like its hard disk, its CD or DVD drive, its video card, USB and other components of your computer. Simply speaking, without an updated driver the computer and some other components on your PC will not run properly. When some drivers on your PC have become outdated and cannot be correctly located, your computer sound will not work properly as usual or you will come to the change to get some errors like code 28 error. Run a driver update tool to check and install all recommended drivers right now.

When there is no problem with the computer sound card and you have updated all of the outdated drivers, you should access your sound Control Panel and then click on playback. Here, you should select Speakers and make your speakers, for instance, SB X-Fi the default device to play sound. Sometimes, an incorrect setting within the options here can cause the computer sound problem. To do this, simply follow these steps:
* Click volume icon at your System tray, and then select the icon at the top of volume slider.
* Approach properties and change settings
*Move to Driver Tab
* Roll back the driver
* Restart your computer and try to play music to see whether you can hear sound correctly.

Finally, you need to check and fix computer registry errors. One of the most common symptoms of a faulty registry is the sluggish computer performance, frequent error messages and sometimes a no sound computer. The registry is the main component of Windows-based operating system and is also the most common victim of malicious programs like spyware and viruses. In addition to, the registry will also easily become corrupted due to some other errors just like frequent program install/uninstall job. When finding the computer sound it not working properly, do remember to download a registry tool to completely scan & remove all errors insides the registry database. This at most of the time will deal with the PC sound problem as instantly as possible.

Your computer sound is not working at all right now? Do you want to fix sound on computer instantly and enjoy the computer pleasantly? First, make sure the sound card driver installed & run without errors, and then troubleshoot & fix PC registry errors instantly. This way, you will be able to get back PC sound and use the computer enjoyably.

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