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.Net-Broadcast Event window. application error – How to fix it?

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Do you keep on getting a “ .Net-Broadcast Event window. application error” in starting up or shutting down the computer? I receive some emails from several users complaining that this error message pop up again and again when they are trying to boot up or shut down the machine. In my opinion, nothing can be more frustrating than getting an error in using the computer, especially when you are in a need to finish an urgent project. Just read on and you will get some solutions to fix this error as instantly as you can.

computer shut down problem

The most common reason for a computer “ .Net-Broadcast Event window. application error” has something to do with a virus or other malicious software in your system. We all know that, viruses or other malware are able to get onto the computer secretly without your permission, and has the ability to cause potential damage to the root of your system, for example, changing default computer settings and affecting the computer bootup or shutdown process. Aside from that, some advanced malicious programs like spyware and adware are powerful enough to change your operating system’s configuration and stop you from booting up the computer correctly. To troubleshoot and fix this computer error message, you need to first make sure the computer is totally virus and malware clean.

Secondly, you should ensure enough hard disk. If your system randomly shows a “ .Net-Broadcast Event window. application error” message, you still have to pay several minutes to check and make sure that there is enough hard disk space for all of your programs/application or not. To free up more available hard disk space and prevent Windows error messages, you should:
*Remove temporary Internet files
*Remove downloaded program files
*Empty the Recycle Bin
*Remove Windows temporary files
*Uninstall unneeded programs from the computer

If you are using Windows 7 system, you can instantly disable the Plug and Play Policy trying to stop the “ .Net-Broadcast Event window. application error” message from happening again and again. To do this job, you can simply follow the solutions here:

-> Determine the source of the policy.
* If you are experiencing the Activation error, click Start, Run and entering rsop.msc as the command to run the Resultant Set of Policy wizard;

* Or you can directly visit this location: Computer Configuration / Policies / Windows Settings /Security Settings / System Services /

If the Plug and Play service is properly configured through a Group Policy setting, you can see it here with settings other than Not Defined. Also, here you can see which Group Policy is applying this setting.

-> Then, you can disable the Group Policy settings and force the Group Policy to be reapplied.
* Edit the Group Policy that is identified in the step and change the setting to “Not Defined”. Or you can follow the below section to add the required permissions for the Network Service account.
* Directly force the Group Policy setting to reapply: gpupdate /force and restart the computer if you are prompted.

Fourthly, if you have performed all the above steps but still get the “ .Net-Broadcast Event window. application error” at booting up or shutting down the computer, you can easily perform the below steps to go:

*Log on your system as an administrator.
*Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, System Tools, and then click System Restore.
*Click to select the Restore my computer to an earlier time option on the Welcome to System Restore page, and then click Next.
*On the Select a Restore Point page, click the most recent system restore point in the in the appearing list, click your desired system restore point, and then “Next” to continue.
*Then, you should click “Next” to follow the on-screen steps to finish the restore job.
*Restart your computer when the restoration finishes to take them effect.

Finally, to make the computer work correctly without error messages like “ .Net-Broadcast Event window. application error”, you’d better troubleshoot and fix Windows registry errors. The registry records all your computer activity, continuously installing and uninstalling programs may at some extent crowd up the database. That is, as you uninstall a certain program, some useless files and keys won’t be traced and deleted and they will be left behind in the Windows registry database. All of these, will greatly slow down computer performance as well as generate kinds of computer error messages.

In a word, an error message saying “.Net-Broadcast Event window. application error” should be troubleshooted and fixed timely before it brings in more damages to the PC. Just follow the above steps, and you can get this error repaired within minutes.

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