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NEWS:Spyware Cease 3.0 released!

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[04-Jan-2009] The Spyware Cease development team is proud to announce the release of Spyware Cease3.0. Several new features have already been added in the latest released version. It is impressive that more people join the effort to complete the significant upgrade of Spyware Cease. Therefore, all Spyware Cease users are encouraged to upgrade to this release on line; alternatively you can obtain the newest installation package by visiting http://www.spywarecease.com/download.php.

This release focuses on improving the stability of the Guard and Analysis toolkits, including real-time Shield, Blacklist, Whitelist, Analysis and Custom Fix. This release also marks Spyware Cease technology availability on the field of the computer registry and applications management. Spyware Cease has become a technology-oriented anti-spyware program with the functionalities of computer registry backup & restore, startup programs manager and files shredder. Users can now experience a more effective and perfect way to protect their computer system.

“With Spyware Ceasem we are showing the world that SpywareCease.com never gets complacent. We will always be improving our products, accelerating detection speed, adding new features and ensuring that it is accessible to all users,” says Gary, CEO of SpywareCease.com. “The strong technical support of Spyware Cease helps achieve our goal of being able to reach more users, anywhere in the world.”

Upon downloading or updating Spyware Cease3.0, users will experience:

1. Full Scan: A complete scan of computer system, including system processes, local drives, network section and registry section.
2. Quick Scan: Partially scan of computer system, including system processes and Windows directory
3. Shield: Once you apply this function, Spyware Cease will inform you by displaying a popup on the bottom right of the screen, whenever any program attempts to modify registry
4. Blacklist:Spyware Cease will inform you whenever any program attempts to modify the registry. To temporarily stop the modification, please select the Block button. To permanently terminate the modification, please also select Always Apply to list this program within Blacklist.
5. Whitelist: Spyware Cease will inform you whenever any program attempts to modify the registry. To temporarily allow the modification, please select the Allow button. To permanently approve the modification, please also select Always Apply to list this program within Whitelist.
6. Log View: Providing log information of recent operation histories, including time, programs to modify registry, registry key values, attempting operations and status.
7. Analysis: If Spyware Cease failed to detect or totally remove the malicious programs on computer, please utilize this Analysis function to deep scan and diagnose the key settings and components of the whole system. Then forward Spyware Cease support team the analysis report via E-mail to custom specific fix.
8. Custom Fix: Spyware Cease support team will send you the scrip against the specific unsolved spyware problems. Please import the script you receive and click the Execute button to solve the problem.
9. File Shredder: A utility to permanently erase the unwanted files
10. Startup Manager: A utility helps choose which application to launch when Windows system starts up.
11. Registry Backup: You can alternatively make a complete backup for the Windows registry; usually a full backup will be created on your first-time cleaning.

Moreover, Spyware Cease reports that the signatures database of Spyware Cease continue to grow day by day. Millions of people have already discovered the power of Spyware Cease. So it is time for the rest of the world to enjoy the charm of Spyware Cease.


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