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No sound on computer Windows 7 – Fix Windows sound issue directly

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on April 1st, 2013 | Leave a comment

“There is no sound on my computer running Windows 7 operating system at all and how can I fix it?” Well, even though Windows 7 was claimed to be the most advanced operating system, it still generates some unexpected errors at any time. And the above Windows sound issue is what I have received these days. In my opinion, it is a pain on the neck when finding the computer has no sound when trying to play a video or use the Windows Media Player. But how can you fix Windows sound issue directly?

fix Windows sound issue

The most common causes for no sound on computer Windows 7 are unplugged speakers, improperly installed sound cards, the volume is muted, and outdated drivers on the computer.

To fix Windows sound issue, first make sure that the software drivers for your sound device is not missing or corrupted. To troubleshoot this, you can try reinstalling the most recent software drivers for your sound device by scanning for available updates on the Windows Update Web site or by visiting your sound device manufacturer’s Web site. In addition, it is recommended that you can download and install all Windows service packs to enhance computer performance and improve PC security ability.

Secondly, make sure your speakers are connected correctly to the computer. On your speakers, simply find the cable that plugs into your computer. Check and make sure that that the speaker cable is plugged into the speakers and the correct jack on your PC. If not, you will soon suffer from a Windows sound problem and find the computer has no sound when trying to play a video.

Thirdly, check the volume. To do this, simply go to the system tray and right click the volume icon and open the volume mixer to check that none of the programs/devices in there are muted. Then you can turn the volume up all the way and try to play some music to see whether your sound is back or not.

Finally, it is highly recommended that you should fix Windows registry so as to solve laptop sound won’t work problem. Playing as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, registry is the favorite target of malware programs such as viruses and spyware. Also, what usually happens is that frequent installing and incorrect uninstalling of the programs in the computer can also corrupt the Windows registry and then brings you numerous errors. When the components cannot find the required entries to produce sound correctly due to the missing/broken/corrupted entries, you will sooner face with a computer sound problem. You can instantly download a registry repair program to completely scan your whole system and fix all errors inside. This will be safe and easy to do if you have such tool installed.

In a word, no matter you are running Windows XP, Windows Vista or the recently-released Windows 7, it can drive you mad when finding it produces no sound. Instantly follow the above steps and you will soon fix Windows sound issue on your own without wasting your time & money.

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