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OpenCL.dll problem – Deal with OpenCL.dll error the simplest method

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on January 12th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Upon running some programs, but get an error message saying “impossible to find the entry point for clRetainDevice in OpenCL.dll”? Well, this OpenCL.dll problem is only one of the common error messages that you might encounter while running the PC. This is because Dll files are widely used by the computer and programs so as to perform all PC requests correctly. When someone goes missing, you may come to the chance to get a Dll not found error message or something like this. Anyhow, here you can deal with OpenCL.dll error the simplest way!

fix OpenCL.dll error

What causes OpenCL.dll problem?
OpenCL.dll error is taken for a terrible .dll error for it has the power to result in a collection of computer problems from multiple features. OpenCL.dll error is generated by various kinds of reasons, including system shutdown problems, undesirable system errors and registry files damage. It is associated with OpenCL.dll file which serves as a critical part of the system for keep the system running stably and nicely.

Deal with OpenCL.dll error the simplest way
When getting the OpenCL.dll error messages on the computer, don’t be scared by it; but on the other side, it is really a good thing as it tells that your computer is infected and you should take immediate action to protect your computer. From a simple study we can learn, the OpenCL.dll file can come onto your computer together with other spyware downloads. So the first thing you should do when getting the OpenCL.dll error message is to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all spyware programs and PC threats from your computer immediately.

And the second thing that you need to know is what the error message is telling you: neither the OpenCL.dll file is missing nor has been corrupted by something else nor then results in problem just like: impossible to find the entry point for clRetainDevice in OpenCL.dll. If the file is missing, you can actually highlight and copy the file name and then paste it in a search engine query to see if you can directly replace it with one that is intact. By replacing the missing or corrupted OpenCL.dll file on your computer, you can quickly fix the error on your computer.

Thirdly, some outdated drivers on the computer can also cause OpenCL.dll errors when the program cannot read its required entries and processes. So, do remember to check and update all available drivers. By the way, it is recommended that you should set your computer to automatically download and install all available Windows service packs.

Finally, repair computer Registry. Windows registry is used to store all information of the hardware and software on your computer. So, bad and corrupted entries may also cause OpenCL.dll error. At this time, you can easily download and run a Registry Cleaner software and perform a full registry scan to detect and remove all registry errors from the computer. And Registry Easy is one that will do this job perfectly for your computer. If you are wondering which registry tool you should use, you can directly download and have a trial with this one.

Just take it easy when suffering from an OpenCL.dll problem! Though it sounds a little strange, you are able to deal with it instantly with some simple solutions. Perform these steps now, and you can run the computer properly without errors any more.

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